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Thursday, October 1, 2009

More Yogurt Stuff, etc.

After posting about baby yogurt last night, I wondered if anyone might feel offended by what I was saying about me not wanting to feed Aiden the yogurts that are made for babies. I haven't been told by anyone that I offended them or that they disagreed with me, BUT I just wanted to be sure that I commented on the possibility. In no way do I mean to offend or say that there is anything wrong with feeding your child the baby yogurts. No way. At all. In fact, if you do use baby yogurts or ANY yogurt, for that matter, I think that's great. Healthy stuff.

My post was merely to say why we don't want to use it just yet and why we prefer to make Aiden's yogurt with plain yogurt and our own fruits, etc. We're trying to steer clear of added sugar for as long as possible. Heck, I scrutinize everything I give Camden, as well, and he's ten. I'm not one of those mommies that allows fruit roll-ups in the house or gives juice that's not 100%. That's just how we roll in our home. I was raised that way - to read the labels and pay attention to the sugar, especially. Camden is even becoming quite the label reader, too. And if Aiden loves the way we fix yogurt now, there's just no reason to change it and give him something with more sugar. So, I wanted to share what we DO do. I'm fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with him and have a little more time to spend on those types of things, too.

It's funny...I've always been somewhat health conscious when it comes to what I eat, and I've always preferred to make things homemade over buying processed foods. But there is something about this child being born at this time that has really shaken up how we do things and how we think about food. We're so much more aware of what we are eating, what is in it, where it comes from, how we fix it...everything. We're doing a lot of things differently. Some of it is stuff I have been wanting to change, but having a baby makes you more proactive (and gets Daddy to agree a little more, too, especially with buying more organic...which can SOMETIMES mean more expensive - wink, wink). Some things changed when I became pregnant, but since Aiden has been eating table foods more and more has changed, and we are getting more into this whole natural, organic, local movement.

But please don't take offense and think that I think you're doing anything wrong if you are not. Because I don't feel that way or mean to come across in a way that would show that. What I think about anyone else's parenting really isn't that important anyway, but even so...I don't mean any offense. :) Just wanted to get that out there.

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