Our family is growing in many ways... Growing in numbers, knowledge, parenting skills, growing in love, in our faith, growing our culinary skills (if you can call it that), growing without gluten (some of us), growing green...........

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Soccer Mom Moment, Mommy Moments, and Camden's Spring Break Trip Realization

It's Camden's spring break this week. So we took Camden to meet his dad and grandparents to spend the week with them in KY.

First, though, he had a soccer game. And I got to experience my first true "soccer mom" moment...

We knew it would be cold outside, but rain was not in the forcast. It was there, though...and they still played. (The refs asked the kids if they wanted to play - Camden was excited to get the chance, since it was his first time playing in the rain. I doubt other times will be as exciting now, though.) It was freezing and raining the entire time, but they played well (slipped quite a bit, but played well). Camden was very cold, of course. I had a blanket on me and an umbrella over me, and whenever he came out for a while, he would sit on my lap while I covered him up with the blanket and kept him under the umbrella to try to warm and dry him some. It was quite a mommy moment. :) Here are some pics from the game.

Camden all nice, warm, and dry after the game!

I think going to his dad's was a little different for Camden this time around. He got pretty upset Friday night. I had another "mommy moment" - you know, one of those where you are right in the middle of something (like dinner, in this instance), and your child chooses that moment to get upset and run to his room, while you're left wondering what is wrong? And then have to decide, do I sit here and finish what I want to do or...go into mommy-mode. Of course, this was one of those where you take a breath, give the child a moment to calm down and think (and give yourself a moment to think), put on your mommy hat, and go to him. To be honest, I love mommy moments. :) I think I am pretty good at them, actually. I usually feel like a successful mommy after these kind of mommy moments. (And that's a pretty good feeling.)

So after a minute of rubbing his back and letting him be upset, Camden explained to us that he "wants to go and wants to stay at the same time." I'm sure it's very tough for him, and it's probably going to get tougher. He knows he's going to miss playing with his friends that are here while he's gone. (No, he isn't wanting to stay b/c he doesn't want to leave us - just his friends. Haha! We're ok with that. He's good about being able to separate and still remain close to us.)

He did tell me, for the first time, I think, that he would miss me. I always tell him, and he says he knows. But I never prompt him to say it back. He's always so excited that he's not thinking about that, and that's fine. I know the kid loves me. But it was nice to hear him say it on his own. :) And he's now starting to realize how being away affects him and his friendships, so I think the visits may get a little harder from now on, as much as he wants to be there, too. It can't be very easy for him. :( (And it's never easy for me...... This is my baby, after all.)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Egg Hunting and Egg Dying

So today we went on an Easter Egg hunt in Fuquay-Varina (because we missed the one in town yesterday and didn't want to go to Raleigh, but this way Ryan got to join us). When I first asked Camden if he wanted to do the hunt, he immediately asked, "Will there be anything in the eggs?" Then he immediately stopped himself and said, "Oh, I don't care if there is or not. I like the searching part anyway. So yes, I want to go." (This was another one of those proud mama moments where you realize maybe something you have tried to teach actually seeped through!)

Here are some pictures of our hunting. The place was packed, the kids rushed as soon as they were let through to hunt, and it was all over in less than 5 minutes, though the boys (Camden and a neighbor that came along) kept looking for at least another 15 minutes or so - just in case.

We also dyed some eggs tonight. I've had this set of paints for about, oh, 2 or 3 years now. (Shows how often we do eggs, huh?) They didn't turn out quite like the box suggested they would... Oh well. It was still fun and they look ok.
OUR Eggs


I have a bunch of pictures to post, but I have been trying since last night, and this thing is NOT WORKING. I am so frustrated and angry with my computer right now that I am really about to cry - that or throw it out the window! As soon as we figure out what the heck is going on and can do something to fix it, I will post the pics that were meant to go on here...................

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Name Game

I was originally going to write a post about names if we were having a girl - b/c there is a really funny story behind the names we have picked out. I'll tell that in a moment, even though we're having a boy. We had the boy name picked out, though. That was an easy one for us. And we thought we were all set.

Think again! No, we're not changing the name. But we are now considering how to spell it! That is just as important, is it not? (Yes, it is.) We had just assumed we would spell it Aiden. Then Ryan saw it spelled Ayden and liked that, as well. Then Ryan's mom mentioned Edgar Allen Poe uses the name Aidenn in one of his poems. That form of the name means "Eden, Heaven," whereas the other spellings mean "Fire." So - now we have three spellings that we are considering. We never really considered the others - there are so many (Aidan, Aden, Adin, etc, etc.). This is a big deal and we'll have to put some serious thought into it... Do we go with Aiden, Ayden, or Aidenn????????????

Our reasoning behind each spelling....
Ayden - Well, this is one Ryan likes, so you can take that one up with him. Though he has decided that he does like Aiden more than this. So this one may be off the table.
Aiden - This is a typical way to spell it lately and just the way we first assumed it would be. We also want to be sure that whatever name we pick - it will work for an adult b/c this child will eventually grow up and need a "grown up" name.
Aidenn - As the name Aiden/Aidan is becoming more popular, we don't want our kid having the same name as everyone else. This is the only problem I have with the name period. I love it, and I wish others weren't loving it as much either! But this spelling is not as typical, so the name would still have some uniqueness to it (which is a good thing). But I'm not 100% sold on the two "n"s yet. And we wonder if it's too girly. We're not quite sure...(and hoping no - if we do choose to spell it this way).

Now - the story about the girl names. I have always loved the name Bailey for a girl. And I just knew that if I ever had a girl, I would name her Bailey Elise. Love that name! Then Ryan comes along. He has a nephew named Bailey. And I want the name for a girl. We're not sure what to do at this point (though we're not even pregnant when this comes up, of course.) Ryan's sister says that her Bailey wouldn't mind and we can do that if we want.

Then one day, after we're pregnant, I turn to Ryan and say, "What about Avery for a girl? That is such a pretty name. I love it. Avery Elise." He just stands there, giving me this strange look. "What?....What is it?...What's wrong with that? Do you not like it?......What?" He continues to look at me, not saying anything. He finally tells me "Avery is Steven's middle name." Who is Steven, you ask? He is Bailey's big brother.

Yeah, that's right. Both GIRL names that I absolutely love are also the names for the only other BOYS in this generation of Ryan's family. How likely is THAT??? How likely that the guy I marry has nephews with the names I have picked out for a girl?! But we love the names so much, we still can't part with them. So, the plan was to pick one of these names for a girl, if we were having a girl (most likely Avery). Maybe next time. It is a funny story, nonetheless. I just couldn't believe the irony. Still can't. (And we are definitely reserving these names for our next - if we do get a girl next time!)

So anyway, back to this spelling of our boy's name......... That's our current challenge. We would love to hear (read - haha!) your thoughts. We'll ultimately decide on our own, yes, but it's still nice to hear what others think. :)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Soccer Season!

Soccer has begun again. Camden had his first game today - a "friendly" (real games start after Easter). Here are some pics from this morning. Mammaw was still in town and able to watch. :) They won their game - either 5 or 6 to 0.

I overheard some players from the other team talking, and one said, "I don't blame us for playing bad, the other team is hard!"

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Baby Adkins is a....


Aiden Joseph Adkins

Profile Pictures:

This shows the chest (right) and the mouth and nose (center of picture)

It's a BOY!!!

Face in 3D - from front

Side view of face in 3D

The ultrasound went great!
Little baby moved around so much - he just wouldn't be still for those pictures! Haha!

They also got a look at the placenta (after our worries from earlier and from my pregnancy with Camden), and that is looking good for now, as well. That means I can finally start walking and actually being active. :) Yay!

Camden is THRILLED that he's getting a little brother, too! :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nursery Furniture!!

It took us (ok, ME) a while to settle on baby furniture. We had to get something we liked, something simple but nice, something that was good quality (must pass the scratch test - and most do not!), and decent in price. Oh, and good reviews from people who already own the pieces! All of those together = hard to find!

But we finally found the perfect set of furniture. Babies R Us happened to get this special deal from Munire (great baby furniture but pretty pricey) to sell some of their designs (called Baby Cache) at a lower price than typical. And one set was exactly what we wanted - it fit ALL the requirements. Only thing is, it's new and very high in demand. But we were finally able to make our purchase this week. We also were able to combine two offers to get it all at a discount that you can't normally get with furniture, so we are ecstatic! Here is what it looks like:

Thank you sooooo very much to MawMaw Sharon for getting the crib for the baby!
(And for getting her name on the waiting list sooner than we did - which helped us order the crib sooner!)
Another BIG thank you to PawPaw Gary and Susan for getting the Combo Unit (the shorter dresser to also be used as a changing table) for the baby!

Once we get the furniture in and have the nursery cleaned out (it's being used for storage now...), we'll post pictures of OUR real furniture. :) It's actually going to be in sooner than expected (!!!), so we have to get on cleaning out that room! Ryan said he felt bad about getting it so soon b/c some parents are still waiting to order and already have their babies but want this furniture. I reminded him, this is why you plan ahead, and we are great at planning ahead (sometimes too far ahead, but that's a different story). So I don't feel bad. If others are choosing to wait just for this furniture, that's their choice. I might have done the same - it's really great quality, great price, and beautiful.

We also have our nursery bedding picked out (for a while now, actually - haven't bought it yet, but we'll get there). We wanted something that could make it through another child and could work for both a boy or a girl. We love this design and all the textures in it for baby to touch and play with. We're using neutral colors (in case the next baby is not the same sex as this baby, and plus we like neutrals) in the nursery, so this fit perfectly with that, too.

Tummy Tales

No belly pictures this week due to my illness and totally not feeling up to it. But I did take some shots of just my belly... And here are a couple tummy tid-bits.

As you may notice by the pic, my normally inny belly button is on its way to becoming an outy. Halfway there!

I know Braxton Hicks contractions can start around 18 weeks, sometimes a little earlier. But I have been getting them since week 13/14! At first it was just in the morning when I was lying down that I could feel them, but now I can feel them all throughout the day. I never felt any kind of contractions with Camden until I was in labor (after being prepared to be induced on my due date - I wasn't actually induced - the prep work they do put me into labor). So this is a new thing for me.

I am continuing to really grow. Mom saw me and said I was huge and that pictures didn't do it justice. She told this to Gene and her sister, Charlotte, too. Funny thing - I went to the dr before my week of enormous growth and just went back this week for being sick - no weight gain. So I'm definitely growing in size but not in weight. Hmmmm.... (I'm sure that won't be the case for too much longer! Haha! And I have managed to gain some weight, just not in the past few weeks.)

The baby hasn't been moving much since I've been sick, but last night there was a little more poking, which made me feel a bit better about that.

And tomorrow we go for our big ultrasound. We've been told it will last about an hour. An hour of seeing our baby - I am so excited for that. We also will try to find out the sex. Another funny thing - I know most people just count down the days for that and are so anxious for it to get here. I haven't been like that at all. I am excited, but I guess it's more that I'm ok with whatever it is and am just relaxed about waiting to find out (this is not normally like me - I'm typically very impatient!).
Side note: If we are having a girl, you might have to wait a bit on the name b/c we're still on the fence between two first names. If it's a boy, we will probably post it on here when we announce the sex b/c we are all in agreement on a name we love for a little boy.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Break ~ Whoo-Hoo? Not Quite...

So let me tell you how my spring break has turned out so far.... (Ha...Ha...)

First of all, I get sick before it even begins. Ryan says last Wednesday night that his throat hurts a little, but then he's fine after that. I, on the other hand, catch whatever it is that he was carrying, since my immunity is down from being pregnant. I start coughing a little and it becomes more and more until it is constant and really hurts. This goes on all weekend. I miss Camden's last basketball game and spend the day/evening on the couch while he has his friend over for a sleepover (and goes out to eat, too - though he did want to stay at home with me until I told him it was his night and convince him I didn't mind). Then I have to miss church the next day (and life group that night). Meanwhile, I am only getting worse. I am taking the medication I am allowed to take while pregnant - but it is doing nothing at all to help. I'm doing all the home remedies I know of (and that mom suggests). I drink more tea in one weekend than I have since I became pregnant. I seriously am miserable. I haven't been this sick in a long time. (Maybe it sounds like oooohhhh...she had a "cough" as in, that's all? - trust me, this is much more than a little cough. I wouldn't complain about a little cough.)

And my mom comes in on Sunday to spend the break with me. Ryan and Camden pick her up at the airport (since I'm too sick to join them). They show up, and she tells me - "it only gets worse." Her uncle died late the night before, and she just found out when she got off the plane. :( So she needs to fly back home on Tuesday for the funeral, but she'll be coming back on Thursday (in time for the ultrasound). So we have all of this going on at the same time. Spring break is off to a great start for all, isn't it? I do manage to get to the dr on Monday - after calling for about two hours and telling them I have to come in now even if they are all booked up b/c I really am that sick. I even lose my voice while at the visit. The dr explains that it's harder on me b/c when you're pregnant you can't cough right. To add to all of this, any time I get sick with anything to do with my head or throat, I get a sinus infection. I'm just that prone. Starting Sunday, I'm showing signs of this, too. My head is pounding every time I cough, my sinuses have all this pressure, my eyes hurt, my ears hurt. Pretty much everything above my neckline hurts. But she can't prescribe any antibiotics unless I actually get the full blown infection (b/c of being pregnant and only doing what is needed, I guess). I do get a prescription for the same medicine I've been taking but with codine (so even if it doesn't work for the cough, it should help me sleep - by the way, it didn't) and instructions on what other meds to buy and take. I am warned that I can't take the good stuff, so I'm basically just riding out the storm here. And yeah, that's true. The meds aren't doing all that much, as many as I am taking.

So now we're on day five of whatever virus this is that I have (and hoping it actually gets better soon...). I woke up this morning with the sorest musles ever. I have coughed so much (and am now sneezing) that whenever I do anything that involves breathing or moving (haha!) all the muscles from my waist up to my shoulders hurt a lot (Mom laughs at this b/c, as she says, I can take pain from a major surgery or "even her arm being cut off" and not complain at all, but the tiniest thing such as blowing an eyelash off my finger is causing me to whine. Well, I expect major things to hurt - so no need to complain. I don't expect tiny things to hurt, so when they do, I complain.) Mom is back in KY and probably at the funeral home by now. I haven't slept at all in the last two nights. Poor Ryan is having to do all the work around here and is being kept up by my coughing - and he's being so great about it, too! (I have a great husband.) We're hoping by the time Mom gets back in two days that I will be well enough so we can have at least a couple days to enjoy.

Ironically, I was watching a show on tv Saturday, and someone said something about never relying too heavily on Plan A because Plan B will always show up when you least expect it (or don't want it!). So, Plan B - here we come.

Please keep my family in your prayers.
Rest in Peace ~ Norman Carby

Friday, March 7, 2008


So, I have been "tagged" by one of my blogger friends to post 7 random things about myself. As I have a hard time not fulfilling these requests, here goes. And these are pretty random...

1. After I brush my teeth at night, I get soooo thirsty. When I go to take my bedtime meds (yes, for the morning sickness, still...), I want to down the entire bottle of water. I try not to since it is not the best idea for a pregnant woman to drink a ton of water at bedtime - not if she wants to sleep through the night without having to get up... But I certainly want to drink it all!

2. I have chronic insomnia issues. Always have. Mom says this was the case even when I was an infant. I remember in high school trying prescription sleeping meds, and after trying so many, the dr said he just couldn't help me - nothing worked! (That was nice - the dr giving up on me...) I have found one thing that works and is not habitual, but I can't take it while pregnant, and I don't like the idea of having to take meds for that all the time... I blame my not being able to wake up easily (at all! just ask my mom, ryan, or camden!) on my sleeping problems. Once I'm out, I'm out - but getting out is the problem. And add pregnancy sleeping problems on top of that - yeah, I'm having loads of fun with my sleepless nights these days!

3. I do NOT like exercising. Can't stand doing it just to do it. I LOVE being active, though. Give me an activity (hiking, swimming, walking, biking, etc, etc.) with my family or put me in a raquetball court with Ryan, and I will go at it - and love it. But working out just for the sake of working out. Yuck. It's just not fun. Pretty boring, in my opinion. I want to be active and be having fun at the same time. It is possible. I attempted to work out quite a bit in college - but I also made sure to take a lot of phys ed courses just to get me to be extra active a few times a week. And they were a lot of fun and got me in good shape, too. :)

4. I eat breakfast every single morning. I have never been able to go without it. (I'll actually get sick if I don't eat - and this is not just while pregnant but at any time.) I might eat it in the car...but I do always eat breakfast.

5. I love venison meat!! Man, there is nothing like a plate full of venison roast, mashed potatoes, peas, gravy, and rolls - all homemade of course! My mom would always make us our requested meal on our birthdays, and this has been my request for years and years. Love it! I also love most homecooked meals that you would expect to find in the home of a family living on a farm - probably because this is what I grew up on (and from being from farming families). I don't eat as much as I would like (for the fact that I would be in pants about four sizes what I wear now!), but I do love it all!

6. I don't know left from right. Regardless of how intelligent I may be, this will never happen! I just cannot - and never have been - able to do it. I even have to do the thing where you put out your thumbs and stick up your pointer fingers (and the side that makes an L is the left...), and I still have to really think about it. That's why I need a map when someone gives me directions - I get seriously anxious with written directions when I have no clue where I am going...

7. I graduated from college with the highest honors (summa cum laude - yes siree!) and will have my master's degree in just two months... And I still don't know what I really want to do with my life! (Except for being a mom - I swear, that must really be my calling!)

Ok, there are seven random things about me that you might not have known. :) Enjoy and feel free to let me know some random things about you. Haha!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Week 16 & 17 Comparisons - the week of GROWTH!

So I claimed before (couple posts ago) that I grew so much between week 16 and 17. It's very true. I couldn't believe what a difference 7 days made!

Don't believe me? Here are some pics to compare...

16 weeks * 17 weeks

Proud Mama Moment

Recently I went to visit with Camden's teacher for a parent-teacher conference. I already knew what we were going to talk about - Camden's constant chatting in class and other inappropriate times (like during a math test!). The child has had great behavior up until around December, which is a pretty good record for him. Not that he's a "bad" child. Not at all! He's a great student, and teachers always love him - but he has the tendency to be the talker in the room. (I was never like this, so I don't get it. I was always the shy, quiet student.)

So we do talk about this. He had a great week the week before and was going to have his best friend stay over on the weekend if that week was the same. Well....he had to turn his card that very day (right after we had said, the night before, "if you turn another card this week, Will can't come over"). The teacher said he even had a tiny tear coming out of his eye when he went to change the card - so she knew something big was not getting to happen as a consequence. (Camden knows we stick to our word in this house.)

Anyway, this isn't what I'm proud about. I will say that since this meeting and the teacher having Camden write checks on a paper whenever he is off task - his chatting has literally almost stopped! Yay! (And this weekend, he does get to have his friend over for a sleepover.)

What I am so proud about was from the second half of the meeting - talking about the CogAT test results. (Cognitive Abilities Test) I have always known Camden is really smart. He learned to read immediately in Kindergarten. He has never once had to study for a spelling test. He was tested at reading (and comprehending) at the 9th grade level in the 1st grade (another super proud mama moment!). School has just always been very easy to him (which is causing a bit of a struggle now that he's finding out he does in fact have to study and put more effort into larger projects...). So I expected good CogAT results - and boy did my expectations get surpassed. The boy scored in the 99th %tile for the verbal and quantitative (math) parts of the test and for the composite score (99th is the highest you can get and is in comparison to the national norms for the test). He slacked a bit (haha!) with the nonverbal and got in the 97th %tile, but from what we're told, that is the hardest part on the test. He missed no problems in the first two sections and only missed three in the nonverbal. My child is amazing!

I'm not trying to just brag on him here. But I am so freaking proud of him!! I have to share how incredible he is in this part of his life. (He's great at lots of other things he does, too, but this is what I am writing about this time.) Of course, I still have to worry about him performing at the level he is able - which is a common problem for smart kids. My mom says that was so frustrating when me and my brother were growing up (esp for her being a teacher!). I can remember things about my brother, who is actually much smarter than me. And I see some of that in Camden. He doesn't want to study. He gets frustrated the second something doesn't come naturally with school. If he can't get it right away, he claims he just can't do it. (Ha!) He's never had to try before, so it's hard for him to have to start now. We remind him that it isn't going to get easier! Ha again! Hopefully seeing me and Ryan focusing on grad school and exams will help out with that. I kind of dislike that any other kids I have won't see that. Camden has seen me go through college and grad school, so school is just a part of life, the way he sees it. Let's hope that continues, too! :)

Anyway, major props to Camden for his awesome test scores. You can't imagine how incredibly proud I am to be his mommy sometimes! This kid is just too cool! :)