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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Soccer Mom Moment, Mommy Moments, and Camden's Spring Break Trip Realization

It's Camden's spring break this week. So we took Camden to meet his dad and grandparents to spend the week with them in KY.

First, though, he had a soccer game. And I got to experience my first true "soccer mom" moment...

We knew it would be cold outside, but rain was not in the forcast. It was there, though...and they still played. (The refs asked the kids if they wanted to play - Camden was excited to get the chance, since it was his first time playing in the rain. I doubt other times will be as exciting now, though.) It was freezing and raining the entire time, but they played well (slipped quite a bit, but played well). Camden was very cold, of course. I had a blanket on me and an umbrella over me, and whenever he came out for a while, he would sit on my lap while I covered him up with the blanket and kept him under the umbrella to try to warm and dry him some. It was quite a mommy moment. :) Here are some pics from the game.

Camden all nice, warm, and dry after the game!

I think going to his dad's was a little different for Camden this time around. He got pretty upset Friday night. I had another "mommy moment" - you know, one of those where you are right in the middle of something (like dinner, in this instance), and your child chooses that moment to get upset and run to his room, while you're left wondering what is wrong? And then have to decide, do I sit here and finish what I want to do or...go into mommy-mode. Of course, this was one of those where you take a breath, give the child a moment to calm down and think (and give yourself a moment to think), put on your mommy hat, and go to him. To be honest, I love mommy moments. :) I think I am pretty good at them, actually. I usually feel like a successful mommy after these kind of mommy moments. (And that's a pretty good feeling.)

So after a minute of rubbing his back and letting him be upset, Camden explained to us that he "wants to go and wants to stay at the same time." I'm sure it's very tough for him, and it's probably going to get tougher. He knows he's going to miss playing with his friends that are here while he's gone. (No, he isn't wanting to stay b/c he doesn't want to leave us - just his friends. Haha! We're ok with that. He's good about being able to separate and still remain close to us.)

He did tell me, for the first time, I think, that he would miss me. I always tell him, and he says he knows. But I never prompt him to say it back. He's always so excited that he's not thinking about that, and that's fine. I know the kid loves me. But it was nice to hear him say it on his own. :) And he's now starting to realize how being away affects him and his friendships, so I think the visits may get a little harder from now on, as much as he wants to be there, too. It can't be very easy for him. :( (And it's never easy for me...... This is my baby, after all.)

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