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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Break ~ Whoo-Hoo? Not Quite...

So let me tell you how my spring break has turned out so far.... (Ha...Ha...)

First of all, I get sick before it even begins. Ryan says last Wednesday night that his throat hurts a little, but then he's fine after that. I, on the other hand, catch whatever it is that he was carrying, since my immunity is down from being pregnant. I start coughing a little and it becomes more and more until it is constant and really hurts. This goes on all weekend. I miss Camden's last basketball game and spend the day/evening on the couch while he has his friend over for a sleepover (and goes out to eat, too - though he did want to stay at home with me until I told him it was his night and convince him I didn't mind). Then I have to miss church the next day (and life group that night). Meanwhile, I am only getting worse. I am taking the medication I am allowed to take while pregnant - but it is doing nothing at all to help. I'm doing all the home remedies I know of (and that mom suggests). I drink more tea in one weekend than I have since I became pregnant. I seriously am miserable. I haven't been this sick in a long time. (Maybe it sounds like oooohhhh...she had a "cough" as in, that's all? - trust me, this is much more than a little cough. I wouldn't complain about a little cough.)

And my mom comes in on Sunday to spend the break with me. Ryan and Camden pick her up at the airport (since I'm too sick to join them). They show up, and she tells me - "it only gets worse." Her uncle died late the night before, and she just found out when she got off the plane. :( So she needs to fly back home on Tuesday for the funeral, but she'll be coming back on Thursday (in time for the ultrasound). So we have all of this going on at the same time. Spring break is off to a great start for all, isn't it? I do manage to get to the dr on Monday - after calling for about two hours and telling them I have to come in now even if they are all booked up b/c I really am that sick. I even lose my voice while at the visit. The dr explains that it's harder on me b/c when you're pregnant you can't cough right. To add to all of this, any time I get sick with anything to do with my head or throat, I get a sinus infection. I'm just that prone. Starting Sunday, I'm showing signs of this, too. My head is pounding every time I cough, my sinuses have all this pressure, my eyes hurt, my ears hurt. Pretty much everything above my neckline hurts. But she can't prescribe any antibiotics unless I actually get the full blown infection (b/c of being pregnant and only doing what is needed, I guess). I do get a prescription for the same medicine I've been taking but with codine (so even if it doesn't work for the cough, it should help me sleep - by the way, it didn't) and instructions on what other meds to buy and take. I am warned that I can't take the good stuff, so I'm basically just riding out the storm here. And yeah, that's true. The meds aren't doing all that much, as many as I am taking.

So now we're on day five of whatever virus this is that I have (and hoping it actually gets better soon...). I woke up this morning with the sorest musles ever. I have coughed so much (and am now sneezing) that whenever I do anything that involves breathing or moving (haha!) all the muscles from my waist up to my shoulders hurt a lot (Mom laughs at this b/c, as she says, I can take pain from a major surgery or "even her arm being cut off" and not complain at all, but the tiniest thing such as blowing an eyelash off my finger is causing me to whine. Well, I expect major things to hurt - so no need to complain. I don't expect tiny things to hurt, so when they do, I complain.) Mom is back in KY and probably at the funeral home by now. I haven't slept at all in the last two nights. Poor Ryan is having to do all the work around here and is being kept up by my coughing - and he's being so great about it, too! (I have a great husband.) We're hoping by the time Mom gets back in two days that I will be well enough so we can have at least a couple days to enjoy.

Ironically, I was watching a show on tv Saturday, and someone said something about never relying too heavily on Plan A because Plan B will always show up when you least expect it (or don't want it!). So, Plan B - here we come.

Please keep my family in your prayers.
Rest in Peace ~ Norman Carby

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