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Monday, January 4, 2010

My kid and potatoes

Camden has never been a fan of potatoes. Believe it or not. I've tried all kinds...baked, twice baked, mashed (he hated those the most), fried (as in fried potatoes, not french fries...though he normally doesn't eat many french fries, either), you name it. Come on, what kid doesn't like mashed potatoes?! MY KID.

Last year, he decided he would eat baked potatoes if he could smother them in salsa. Whatever it takes. And it's healthier than what most of us would put on our baked potatoes, right? And this year, he realized he likes (really likes) roasted potatoes.

And he loves these.

And tonight I made this potato soup. He kept telling me how good it was, which I thought was kind of funny, as it's not all that far off from mashed potatoes...thinner, though. (He always says he can't stand the consistency of mashed potatoes. And sweet potatoes. And butternut squash. So, yeah, I think he really has something against that consistency.) We let him serve himself, so after his first small bowl, he got seconds...a bigger serving this time. And even told me thank you for making such a great dinner.

This kid really surprises me sometimes. I'm pretty sure even he was surprised tonight.


Becky said...

Colin hates potatoes too! I don't get it and I'm hoping he will outgrow it. Thanks for the link, I can use some new crock pot recipes since I'm mostly using it full time now.

Daisy and Ryan said...

Hopefully Colin will get there sooner than Camden (who started coming around at nine...).

The blog with the crockpot recipes is FULL of good-looking recipes! There are so many I want to try. Be sure to check out the index b/c there are soooo many recipes.

I'm going to add veggies to the leftover potato soup...some broccoli and corn, at least. Camden actually has had some potato soup that I made up before (from a mix from my MIL...), and I added a bunch of veggies to make me feel better about having it. Haha. (Aiden couldn't eat it, though, b/c it's manufactured somewhere that uses eggs...not that I was too upset, as it's a mix and all.) Anyway, Camden thought he would HATE it but liked it. He's surprising us and himself a lot these days! My mom made a root vegetable and beef soup while we were in at Christmas.. I have a "you must try it" rule (but he can serve himself), and Camden dreaded trying that stuff...and LOVED it! He actually asked to have some potato soup for lunch today - and asked if I would make the veggie soup and the potato soup next week. I'm still in shock over him liking the veggie soup...and I definitely got the recipe!! ;)