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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Tables Have Turned

I told Ryan this would happen.

From day 1 Aiden was quite the mama's boy. It's hard not to be when Mama is your source of food and everything you need seems to be associated with mama's milk. Over his two and a half years, Mama has been the only one this little guy wanted when he was hurt, tired...or just about any other time.

And from day 1, I've told Ryan his day will come. One of these days, I told him, he will only want you. He'll want you to play with him and will be so excited when you walk in the door after work. He'll cry after you when you leave.

Well, folks, that day is here. It took a bit longer than I thought, but that probably has something to do with the fact that he's still nursing and is *quite* attached to mama's milk. Now, he is still a mama's boy. I'm still the only one he wants when he's hurt or really tired, too.

BUT...pretty much every morning, he gets upset because Daddy has to go to work. He asks about Daddy throughout the day. And he is super excited when he hears Daddy's keys in the door when he comes home.

I had a doctor appointment this morning, so Ryan stayed at home with Aiden. It was for allergy testing, which meant I would be there for a while and not able to chase after a little busy toddler, so we figured this was best. When I told Aiden goodbye, he was almost too busy playing to tell me back. I barely got a kiss! And he was back to playing before I was out the door.

Then I come home. He did say hello to me...and then went on dancing. I'm special, right? (Hahaha...)

Now, Daddy leaves for work... Aiden: "Where did Daddy go?" (He knew, not sure why he had to ask...) "He had to go to work, sweetie." Aiden covers his eyes with his hands and proceeds to whine and pout, saying, "Noooooo!!! I don't want him to go to work! I want Daddy to stay and play!!" It's all very endearing to see and hear. And of course, when Ryan is opening the door, coming home at the end of the day, Aiden is so excited. "Daddy!!!!" He's so in love. Whenever Daddy is home, Aiden is constantly at him..."Come play with me, Daddy!"

I could have some hurt feelings, but I totally don't. I LOVE seeing him love his Daddy so much.

I told Ryan from the start I didn't feel too terrible about the fact that Aiden wanted me over him earlier on. I wasn't being mean; it was because I knew one day the tables would turn. I knew I would have my turn for a while, and then it would be about him. While Aiden still wants me and only me for certain things, Daddy is definitely a favorite these days. And I certainly don't expect Ryan to feel bad about it, either. In fact, I hope he enjoys every single second of it all.

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Sonia said...

I can relate. Christian loves his Daddy so much and it warms my heart.