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Monday, July 18, 2011

"Happy Anniversary, Babe. Guess who's sick?"

That was pretty much our Friday summed up. Ryan and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in style...with a sick toddler. A toddler with strep throat, actually. Out went our plans for dinner that night, plans to meet up with several friends at a nearby lake the next morning, etc, etc...

We did get to go out Saturday evening, though. We went to Outback because they have a good gluten-free menu and a great gluten-free dessert...and because we like Outback. ;) It's also toddler-friendly. I'm not seeing having Aiden somewhere like the Melting Pot for a 2-3 hour dinner. He may have used to do that really well, but he's not likely to sit still for that long at his age right now. Boy how things can change when you have little ones, huh?

Headed out to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary :)

Aiden eating some yummy ice cream at Outback. He usually doesn't eat ice cream out because of the egg issue, but we're still introducing it and thought we would try the ice cream. We didn't ask if it had egg, but the fact that he got red spots all over his chin kind of told us... He also didn't eat a whole lot. Apparently mama's homemade ice cream is preferred.

Ryan with our half-eaten dessert. No worries - that baby didn't last long
To reminisce a bit, here are a few pictures from my and Ryan's wedding reception. I love this series because it's a good example how much fun we like to have. Makes me smile every time I look back at these shots. Ryan got a little bit of icing on me when we were doing the cake thing. But...I couldn't be outdone and totally got him back.

I didn't think he would get any on me. Ryan's not that kind of guy usually, so I was kind of surprised.

"Your turn now. Come here, babe."

After this, I got even more cake and went after him again. Fun times!

You've got a little something on your face...
Love you, babe!


Megan @ Restoring the Roost said...

Happy 5th Anniversary!!! I always think about you guys around this time of year since our weddings were only a week apart! It's hard to believe it's been 5 years for us!

Daisy and Ryan said...

Thanks! And yes...same here. I still can hardly believe HOW we met and what a small world it is... What are the odds of meeting a couple on your honeymoon - in the middle of nowhere (how many people have even heard of PSV?!) to find out that not only are they from the same state you are from, but they are also moving to the same state you are moving to... I mean, it's just such a funny and unlikely story!

And happy anniversary to you guys, too! :)