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Monday, August 8, 2011

Green Smoothie Base and Blender Cleaning Tip

Such a beautiful green smoothie!
I put up a post on green smoothies last week - why they're good for you, a few recipes, some links, etc. I aim to continue to post other recipes as we make them (those that are good, at least!). I'll have a "green smoothie" label so you can find all posts related to them via that label.

Today we had one of our favorite smoothies. I posted about this on my new facebook page last week (if you haven't already "liked" it, what are you waiting for? wink, wink!) and got a few good responses. It's a really good recipe for beginners because it is mild, sweet-but-not-too-sweet, and you really can't tell there are any greens in it. It's a great base to start with and add to as you figure out what you like. Some neighbors stopped by earlier today when I happened to be making smoothies for snack time. The little girl, who isn't a berry fan, had a sip of smoothie...asked for more...and told her mom that if she made them like this, she would drink it. She was also very surprised that it had both kale and spinach in it!

Sometimes when I'm making a smoothie for someone who is opposed to the thought of greens in their smoothies, I add blueberries or something so that it doesn't LOOK green. But for some, it's really just all about taste, regardless of color.

This IS a GREEN smoothie.

And here's the "recipe" (I use that word loosely when talking about smoothies...). This will make about 4-5 cups of smoothie, depending on the size of your fruit and the amount of water you add.

2 bananas
1/2 pineapple
1/2-1 mango
3-4 Tbsp chia gel
Handful kale or spinach
1+ cup water

I prefer to use fresh fruits, but you can buy frozen if you like. If you really like colder smoothies, that might be a good option. I have been known to stock up on my favorite fruits if they are on sale, chop them up, and freeze for smoothies. Champagne mangoes are a big favorite here, and I happened to have some in the freezer and used it instead of cutting up a new one today. If I use a champagne mango, I use a whole one. They are smaller (and a bit tangier and oh so much more delicious) than the mangoes you usually see. If I use the regular mangoes, I usually use half of one. The amount of water you use all depends on how thick you like your smoothies.

As I mentioned, this is a great smoothie base. I even mentioned this in my other smoothie post. We sometimes add kiwi or blueberries or blueberries and coconut or papaya or....the list can go on and on! The basic recipe is mild without having any fruit overpower the rest, which is one reason I like it.

Cleaning your blender...

The other day when I posted the recipe on facebook, someone mentioned that they like smoothies...but not cleaning the blender. So true! BUT it doesn't have to be that hard. For one, use the blender to help clean itself! Empty the blender as soon as possible after blending - don't let smoothie sit in it because it will just stick to the blender even more. Pour your smoothies, and put any leftovers in a container to keep in the fridge. Then rinse the blender quickly. THEN put a cup or two of water in it and add just a tiny bit of dish soap. And blend. This should clean the blender for the most part. Rinse and dry.

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