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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tulle Wreath

I made this wreath a couple months ago to have a fall wreath that could work for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. I meant to post about it a while back, but...you know how it goes. And hey - there's still a day before Thanksgiving, and it takes almost no time at all to make this one! Or just use different colors to make it fit any time of year. It really is easy. And cheap.

Here's what you need...
Something round - I used an embroidery hoop.
Ribbon for hanging.
Glass of wine. 

Ok, that last one isn't necessary, but it's not a bad addition.

All I had to buy was the tulle. I think I ended up with about two and a half yards. Tulle is not expensive at all, and if you plan ahead, you can buy it when it's on sale and pay next to nothing for it! You could use a foam wreath form for your hoop, but you would get a totally different look - though maybe one you like! I almost went that route, but I didn't want the round part of the hoop showing as much. I wanted the tulle sticking out to be the focus. I already had this embroidery hoop, and it was the perfect size for what I wanted. Love when that happens! (And even though I haven't used it in *years,* I still found it quickly. Love that, too!)

Getting started...
All you do to make your wreath is tie on pieces of tulle... First you need to figure out how far you want the tulle to stick out or how thick you want the wreath to be, if that makes sense. Just cut a couple strips of tulle, tie it on, and see if it's too long or too short, and adjust accordingly! I had some orange ribbon and wrapped that around the hoop. I don't think this is necessary, but I wanted to do it. After I figured out the length I needed for my tulle, I cut out a bunch of strips and set to tying... I just tied the tulle strip so the center of the strip is where the knot was made around the hoop, that way both ends of the tulle were the same length sticking out on the edges.

I found this was easiest sitting on the floor, with the hoop held by my leg, as I tied, sipped wine, and watched some tv. The hubby was out with a neighbor's husband for a guy's night, so it was a perfect way for me to have some quiet time on my own. :) It doesn't take much thought at all to make this wreath, but it will take a little bit of time to tie all the pieces of tulle. Perfect for doing while watching a sitcom or something like that.

Once you're done, tie a ribbon to hang the wreath, and voila! It's really simple and cute. You could always hang a little something in the center of the wreath. Or glue something onto part of the hoop. Lots of ways you can add some cute details. I happened to like the simplicity of it like this. (That and I was too lazy to do anything else.) 

I do have to remember to take this down if it gets windy outside. Our porch really seems to be a good spot for wind to whirl around, and things slide off the hook easily if they're not heavy. This wreath has been found on the floor of the porch a few times, but we just dust off any dirt and put it back! You can't break this thing easily!

You can see part of the hoop in the center... If you used a thicker wreath form, that part would be a lot bigger and more noticeable. That's fine if you want that. Just wanted to point it out, in case you didn't.

After being up for a while, the tulle puffed out even more, which looks just fine by me! This would be a great wreath for any time of the year, inside or out, because it can be made with any color (or color combo - alternate colors to switch it up!). It's really cheap and easy, very versatile, can be kept clean easily (just brush off anything that gets on the tulle), and is nice and simple. My kind of wreath!

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Amanda English said...

Gotta have the wine in there to make it... =) CUTE!