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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Aiden's Big News!

Aiden has some exciting news to share!

(And NO...not that kind of exciting news! Ha!)

Go to our pictures HERE and see the last few that were uploaded earlier this week. Here are a couple of them...

That's right...Aiden pooped in the potty!

This might have been coincidental and just plain ol' good timing, but we'll still take it. This was on Monday. Today, Aiden actually did this AGAIN...after asking himself to do it! (Earlier he told me he needed to poop, as well, but it was too late. But still! That's something!)

He sits on the potty multiple times a day, asking many of the times or agreeing enthusiastically if we ask, and happily sitting for up to twenty minutes if we let him, just reading a book and swinging his feet. We're not really pushing this at the moment, just working on awareness. He's been showing some signs that he's aware for a while now. But if he keeps this up...who knows!!

We're really not expecting much at the moment, though. Camden started to train around 18 months, then decided he wasn't ready. Started again around 2 years, then decided again he wasn't ready. At 2 1/2, he trained in no time. He was ready. ;) So, no worries. We won't be disappointed if he's not potty trained in a couple months or even more. We're just following Aiden's lead and seeing where things go. If he wants to potty, he sits on it. When he says he's done, we let him down. He's in charge.


Becky said...

Horray Aiden. We have essentially the same policy but it took two months of sitting before we 'caught' anything. Colin is doing well with peeing on the potty but if you notice he is pooping and ask if he wants to sit on the potty he gets very upset and runs and hides. We have never forced him but it seems he has a very shy colon! =) So funny to me that they would each approach this from the opposite direction!!

Daisy and Ryan said...

It is funny!

So far, Aiden hasn't peed in the potty...not that I know of. There is one time he might have. I let him sit for just about as long as he wants (with reasonable limits). I do other stuff b/c he's more likely to go if there aren't people watching him, and there was a drop on the front of the seat...so he could have. Hard to tell. Tonight he asked to go, and I think he was about to poop...he heard a sound and even tried to look down to see what was going on. Haha! Either he just had gas or he was surprised and it stopped it.

Ahhhh...don't you love talking about poop like it's nothing? Ha. Camden makes fun of me for saying "potty" so much. (He hasn't seen the potty dance I do when Aiden actually goes...Haha!)