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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Good Day

Ahhhh...today was a good day.

Well, it didn't start out as we would have planned. Aiden woke up by 5:30, but...life goes on. Other than that and his tantrum right before naptime because he was so tired (wonder why?!), it was a great day.

Camden had a soccer game. An early one. I stayed in with Aiden because he's had a cold and it was still cool out. Camden probably could have sat this game out, too, because he said his throat was hurting, but he went anyway. They won, again. He scored, again. He's scored in each game so far this season.

The weather has been perfect today. I managed to get Aiden outside for a bit before lunch, while Ryan got things ready. He just ran and ran. The boy loves outside. He ran down the street past where Camden was playing with some friends in the cul de sac, stopping to wave at everyone. There's a long wooden bridge that connects paths in the neighborhood, and Aiden loves walking on it, so he did that for a while. When it was time to go back home, he threw a fit for a minute when he figured out we were leaving the bridge. Then another fit when I took him in the back door. But he was excited to eat, so... He just loves the outdoors! I'm thankful for the warm weather we're having lately. Camden wants to be out all the time, which is better than him asking why he can't play computer/video games. And Aiden gets so excited when we get to go "outside, outside."

Then I had a 90-minute massage with the best massage therapist around. (Seriously. This lady is really good and clearly knows what she's doing. Any locals that are looking for a good place to go, let me know. It's well-priced, too, compared to the other places I've been in the area.) That was a much needed break, though there were some pretty painful moments. I'm sure it would help if I could go more often, but... At least it's a good pain. And still relaxing.

After that, the guys were heading to the grocery and happened to be going right when I was leaving from my massage, so we all went together. Didn't really have much choice, even if I wanted to go on home. Ryan was driving by just to say hi, and once Aiden saw me...there was no leaving without Mama! We got home from grocery shopping with enough time to play outside for a bit before dinner, too. That was my plan. Spent a little more time going back and forth on the bridge while Camden stayed at home playing basketball in the driveway with some friends. Aiden kept running, coughing, and signing "bird" (because birds were chirping all over the place!) all at the same time. Nothing was going to slow him down!!

Everyone liked dinner. Boys are all in bed asleep now. And nothing special is on tv, which means we might actually get to bed at a decent time ourselves.

All in all, it was a good day.

I took some pictures of Aiden running around today (harder to get pics of Camden b/c he's always off with his friends...) that I will post on our albums soon. I'm on Ryan's laptop right now, so no-can-do just yet. I did post some pictures of our family night at the park last night. We had a picnic with pizza (Z-Pizza now has gluten-free pizza!! Not quite the same...but it was decent. And they're egg-free, too, so Aiden could also eat it!) and spent some time just running around in an open field. Another great evening. Pictures are here...
2010 March

I'll add the pics from the weekend soon! I'm sure there will be more pics now that we'll be getting outside more with some nice weather.

Hope everyone else is having a good weekend!!

Updated...newest pictures have been added. I don't waste any time, huh? (Not with super-cute pictures to show off!) ;)

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