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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day

Just now getting to post this b/c Father's Day was quite busy, and I haven't had the time since. Aiden just went down for his morning nap...later than usual meaning we don't get to meet our friends for a pool playdate that I was so looking forward to, but such is life. Guess I'll find something productive to do at home...

So, we started the day off early, heading to church. Our wonderful church that I wish every single person in the world could attend. I didn't want to get up and going so early in the morning (we go to the early service b/c it's less packed than the others...though still very packed...and we have to drive close to 30 minutes to get there), but once I'm there, I am so thankful I am. Aiden is still adjusting to the nursery. After a two weeks of staying in there with one of us and then two weeks without us, we were out of town and last week they had to turn some kids away when a worker was ill, leaving them with not enough hands for all the kids that showed up...so he hadn't been for four weeks. Daddy always drops him off with Mommy out of sight, but Aiden still cried some. While it hurts to hear that, we know he does calm down and has fun (and they have instructions to call for us if he doesn't calm down within a short amount of time - we don't want to leave him crying for long!), and man...we can actually pay attention during the service when he's not there. When we picked him up, he was playing happily with an Elmo toy, not missing us at all, which was nice to see.

After church we took a trip to the Farmer's Market. We're hoping to make it our after-church routine, especially now that we have found some great vendors. We left with some yummy foods and quite pleased, not only about the food being yummy...but about the food being the kind healthy we were wanting. I'll post more about this later.

The afternoon consisted of me potting some herbs and plants I had purchased at the Farmer's Market while Aiden napped and Ryan and Camden tossed a baseball. When Aiden woke, I took him to the grocery store (because we can't get EVERYthing at the Farmer's Market), and Ryan and Camden headed to the park for some more time together. The plan was to go to the driving range, but Ryan said it was just too hot for that. Dinner consisted of some roasted tomatoes and grilled brats. Everyone loved the brats. Camden didn't want to try them at the Farmer's Market because he said the ones he had before were awful. When he tried these, he said it must just be that he doesn't like store-bought ones and that local ones really are better. ;) Whether that's true or not, at least he's totally on board with this buying local stuff and seeing some benefits. Even Aiden couldn't get enough of the brats, and he's not normally a huge fan of things like hot dogs. And then we had homemade ice cream with grilled pineapple for dessert. (And let me tell you, homemade ice cream is so incredibly easy and delicious! We made vanilla on Sunday, and I mixed up some coffee ice cream this morning that is now in the freezing stage...can't wait! To the person that gave us the ice cream attachment for our wedding: I am beyond sorry that I haven't used it until now! I feel so guilty, especially now that I know how easy it is! Every summer, I've said "This year, I will use that thing!" I finally have. And I will not stop.) Since we made the ice cream egg-free, Aiden was actually able to have some. Of course, he LOVED it.

I hope all the Daddy's out there had a great Father's Day. Although we were doing something all day long, it was actually a fairly relaxed day, which was not the norm and was quite nice. Here is the Father's Day pic of the boys and Ryan.

Happy Father's Day, baby!
You are such an incredible Daddy to our kids.
I am so very thankful we all have you in our lives,
and I look forward to seeing the kind of men you help our boys to one day become.

And also a picture of me and my Daddy. :)

And lastly, maybe the best part of the day... Aiden wore a shirt that says "My dad is a Super Hero." When getting him dressed for church (meaning before 8am), I told Aiden what the shirt said. After he woke from his nap in the afternoon (meaning after 4pm), he pointed to his shirt and said "Super!!!" Um...he was told once what the shirt said and totally remembered it so much later! We were very impressed. After that, he kept saying it. And then he started saying "Super Daddy!" and was saying that until he went to bed. I'm pretty sure that put a smile or two on Daddy's face. :)

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