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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Giveaway! Revolution Foods at EcoMom

I recently got a nice little box of goodies to try out for some product reviews. And while the products themselves were very nice, first I wanted to say something about the company...

I heard of EcoMom from some other eco-conscious pals of mine when I was searching for a new lotion for Aiden. EcoMom has a number of green and eco-friendly products on their website, hence the name "EcoMom"... (There are products for the EcoDads, too, of course.) Many items I would like to try myself, actually. I first saw that EcoMom was looking for people to do some reviews on facebook. It just showed up in my feed one day, so I emailed EcoMom and said I was interested in doing a review. Why not, right!? Well, the correspondence that followed was very impressive. First, they asked what I would be interested in reviewing. Then, they offered up some food items. When I mentioned Aiden's allergies, they took the time to speak with the makers of the food products themselves to make sure there would be no risks with the foods they might send - even making sure there were no eggs used in the facilities for other products! (The fact that they did more than simply look at the food label on the box meant a lot to a mom with a child with food allergies.) After that, we even had a number of emails just chatting about food allergies and gluten issues, as they were quite familiar with them, too. I felt that Jody, the person I was communicating with, really took the time to make sure I was happy with what I was receiving, took EXTRA time to make sure the items were safe for my child, and then took some time to just chat some! How nice!

Oh, and while emailing back and forth about some things, I mentioned a lotion they carry that we have bought for Aiden and like. Guess what? Not only did they send the food for the review...but they threw in a bottle of the lotion for an extra review! (And this ain't some cheap lotion, folks!) More about that soon...

Great customer service? CHECK.

Ok...so onto the first product review, which is actually more like two product reviews because they sent more than one type of food (and various flavors of each!).

In case you haven't figured out from knowing me or from previous posts about food...I'm a little picky on what food passes the lips of my growing toddler (or any of my family, for that matter). Almost everything is homemade, and as much as possible is organic. These days we make those things top priority when meal-planning. BUT I do like to have a few things on hand to just toss into the diaper bag for quick on-the-go snacks. And what Jody sent me was just perfect. They're the fruit "mash-ups" that come in small single-size squeezable containers. We've gotten some carrot-apple ones from Trader Joe's before, and Aiden really liked them. These were even yummier! I'll be completely honest...I tried all of the foods that Aiden was trying. Surely I can't just go by the fact that he sucked it out of the container as fast as he could and then immediately signed and said "more??" And not only did I try them, but even my ten-year-old tried them. Verdict? We would all be more than happy to try some more. Seriously, I would eat these things! Camden actually asked if he could have more each time he tried one.

These babies are made by Revolution Foods. They are organic and only consist of fruit. Nothing else added, which is a must in my book. I don't buy fruits that have extra sugar added. Seriously...so unnecessary. We were sent a few to try, and they have come in quite handy. We traveled some right after receiving the package, and it was nice to have these along in the diaper bag while out on the road or at a restaurant waiting for our food (especially with a non-napping-during-the-trip toddler). They might not take long to eat, but they certainly made him happy! To be honest, these aren't products I would have for him to eat every day. They're yummy enough, yes. I do like to give him whole fruits and homemade meals. But, as said before, it is so nice to have things like this to drop into the diaper bag for out and about. And nothing beats it being organic, pure fruit, and delicious. Well, that and the fact that he loves it. Besides, it's even more of a treat if he doesn't have it every day.

Then we also got some other goodies made by Revolution Foods called Grammy Sammy and Jammy Sammy - basically mini organic snack sandwiches. Aiden was not able to have these, but that's just because they had peanut butter in them. While we don't know of a peanut allergy, the allergist recommended we not give Aiden the other top allergenic foods he hadn't already had when tested for the egg allergy. We're at least waiting until our follow-up visit this fall, so we avoid things with nuts for now. Since he couldn't test these, Camden was more than happy to step up and take his place. I also tried a couple bites. These are also small single-serving sizes...perfect to toss in the diaper bag for an emergency snack. Camden really liked them, too! And the ones I tried were yummy. I'm sure if Aiden had his chance, he would happily gobble them down. And ask for more.

Now, before you run out to buy these... Yes, I will be doing a giveaway. You can win $20 worth of Revolution Foods and/or Plum products (EcoMom will cover shipping costs, as well). While I reviewed a couple Revolution Food products, this is a tiny sampling to what is available!!

One other thing about EcoMom and then you can move on to entering the giveaway. ;) They have this program called EcoPass. You can purchase a $99 annual membership that gives you 15% off of every order and free shipping with no minimum order. (Without the membership, you can only get free shipping once your order hits $75.) Pretty nice! On top of that, they are running a special. They are giving you a $50 gift certificate with your purchase of an EcoPass right now. So, if you think of it the way I would...the pass is kind of only costing you $50. (My husband wouldn't see it that way, but...to-may-to, to-mah-to...right?) ;)

Here's how you enter...

1. Mandatory entry: Go to EcoMom...look around and post which Revolution Foods and/or Plum products you would want to try. Eco-friendly Baby Products - EcoMom.

Extra entries (one comment per entry):
2. Follow EcoMomCEO on Twitter
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6. Email your friends a link to the giveaway (be sure to include me in the email so I can see it); comment here to get your entry.
7. Buy your EcoPass and get 5 extra entries! (Comment 5 times to get them all in.) Remember, they are currently giving you a $50 gift certificate with your purchase of an EcoPass. That's an awesome deal!

Please note, while I did receive products from EcoMom to review, I was not in any way compensated for reviewing the products, and my opinions are entirely my own.

Can't wait for the giveaway? Go on and order...and save 15%! Use this code: SBBL354. Offer good through June 30th, 2010. (And just for kicks, while at Whole Foods the other day, I did check to see if they had these snacks. They did. And they charge more. WF charges $5.69 for a 4-pack of the Mashups, while EcoMom charges $4.99, that's without the 15% code I just gave you.)

Ok, get to it! :) Winner will be selected this Friday, the 18th at 3pm (because that's when I might just get a minute to myself due to naptime...). I'll choose the winner randomly and will email to let you know you've won! (Be sure to include your email in each entry!)

Second giveaway is up, now! Click HERE to enter to win that, too. :) Second giveaway ends Monday, June 21st.

This giveaway is now CLOSED.
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