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Monday, May 9, 2011

Meal Plan

These posts are really supposed to be part of the whole "Meal Plan Monday" thing...but I never get them up on Mondays. I am tonight, though!

Here's what's on the menu this week...

Beef and Lentils with green beans and corn. One of my favorite main dishes ever! Growing up, I always ate this with green beans - or that's how I remember it, at least. They're not really my favorite vegetable, but they just seem to fit with beef and lentils now because of that. We had roasted potatoes on the menu, but it was all on the computer Ryan takes to work, so...I forgot, realized something was missing, and threw in some corn at the last minute.

Salmon with strawberry salsa, roasted broccoli...and we'll add in the roasted potatoes here, too.

Salsa Chicken with rice, tortilla chips, fruit. This is such an easy dinner! Thanks to my friend, Leigh Ann, for the recipe. :) Chicken, corn, black beans, and salsa...cook in crock pot; shred chicken as it cooks. Add in block of cream cheese during last hour; serve over rice. Yummy!

Sandwiches one night... We had this plan a while back to take one night a week to eat a cheap, cheap meal. We use the savings to add to what we give to a specific few charities.

Grilled chicken, potatoes, roasted broccoli. This is at the end of the weekend, so even if it seems like we're overdoing it on the potatoes and broccoli, we're not. Most of our meals give us leftovers... And like I said, I'm doing this broccoli often until these kids love the stuff!

Mango, avocado, and black bean salad with lime dressing. This is lunch for me. 

I also made this gluten-free Quinoa Breakfast Cake. Oh yum. Everyone wants it! Seriously, I am ALL about this website lately! Everything I have made has been delicious...and not just as gluten-free food. It's delicious food. Period. Last week I also made the strawberry rhubarb crumble...so good. Next time, I'm making the balsamic vinegar version.

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Becky said...

The quinoa cake looks great but since 5 of those items I don't stock in our kitchen..it probably isn't going to happen..

I knew you would love kiwi! (this isn't the post you discussed it but I'm a little behind!)