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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Meal Plan

So, I've missed the last couple of weeks. Whoops! As usual...busy, busy around here!

Here's what we're having this week, though...
  • Cookout with our neighbor friends Sunday night. We had so much food (and fun!) we all forgot about dessert!
  • Chicken Pot Pie Soup (gluten-free version). It was ok. Nothing extraordinary, but the adults liked it. Camden liked it better the second night. Aiden never really tried it, unless you count his "finger taste." He just ate the veggies and hummus we had out those nights, along with some bread and fruit.
  • Chicken Alfredo Lasagna and roasted broccoli. I used fresh spinach instead of frozen, and I used all of the Alfredo sauce. I use fewer noodles b/c I like a saucier lasagna than recipes usually make when followed exactly - I usually use 9 noodles instead of 12. I also put some water in the sauce so the noodles cook when you bake the lasagna instead of cooking the noodles ahead of time. It's unnecessary extra work, and I tend to do away with as much of that as possible. Just had this tonight..it was ok. Good but the sauce we used (hubby picked up garlic-flavored) was too garlic-y and too salty. Aiden "finger tasted" it, said it was ok, but then ate no more. He did eat the broccoli (well, the tops of the "trees") without us ever saying a word, though! Camden, who we all thought would love this, didn't care for it. We'll see how it is on night #2...
    • Edited to add...this was much better night #2. Even the boys agreed. Aiden ate most of his, and Camden admitted it was better than the night before. I even had seconds. So, maybe next time we just make it one night and start eating the next? ;)
  • Taco Salad. Camden's cooking. More about that later.
  • Salmon burgers, roasted potatoes, and some other veggie. We got some premade salmon burgers on sale from Whole Foods. Not something we normally get, and they still were more than we would usually spend, but...something new. Hopefully they're worth it!
  • I'm also making an extra regular lasagna to freeze. We made some last week, and I need to use up some sauce that was left over, so I'm putting one together and freezing it for another time. I should post the recipe to this because it is soooo good. And the one I made last week is probably the best one we've had. I've always used the same basic recipe with slight changes here and there. Anyone need a great lasagna recipe?
What's on your menu this week? 


    Megan @ Restoring the Roost said...

    Hi Daisy- I just started on a low-gluten/ gluten-free diet a few weeks ago! I don't have any pronounced Celiac symptoms but I do think I have a *slight* sensitivity (mild skin irritation, less inflammation, etc. and I have a family history of thyroid problems and other autoimmune disorders that I hope to prevent) so I'm experiementing to see how I feel! Do you have suggetions of where to get good gluten-free products (breads, pastas, baking mixes, crackers, etc.) I've tried some of them and they don't taste very good to me :( I'm thinking about baking some of my own? Thanks!!

    Daisy and Ryan said...

    Megan - I'm actually hoping to make a tab in the blog for my favorite g-f products, recipes, links, etc. We haven't tried a ton of mixes, but so far any King Arthur Flour mixes we have tried have been GREAT (beyond what we expected!). Namaste brownies are pretty good, too. My mom makes that kind..and when she tops it w/ homemade choc ganache - you can't tell any difference! ;)

    I've mostly been making things when it comes to baked goods. So far, I've really been loving http://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com/ I'll let you know some of the things we've made from her site soon - they've all been soooo good!

    Noodles...we really like the quinoa noodles.

    I could list more and need to make a tab for it for folks that are interested. I'm watching a couple kiddos right now, and lunchtime is about over, so I'll try to get back to you soon about it all. So many things I want to post about! :) Your questions might get me moving on the g-f tab! (And I still need to get back to all that VBAC stuff! Yikes!) But trust me...there is some yummy stuff out there! :) I'm similar in that I don't have celiac, but I do have an intolerance. I hope to go more into that, but I'm waiting a while for that. I'll get back with more info soon! :)