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Monday, October 17, 2011

Green Polka Dot Box (And how to get a FREE membership!)

I just wanted to let you all know about something I recently found out about that I think some of you might be interested in. I'm pretty excited about it myself! I know some folks live in areas where health food stores are hard to come by (or are simply nonexistent), making your food choices limited if you're searching for certain foods that convential chains might not typically carry. Some of you might be interested even if you are near good health food stores because the prices can be high for some of the foods you want/need to purchase. I've got great news for all of you! :)

There is a new "membership discount" store that is opening up in just a week or so, and if you get in now, you can actually get a one-year membership for free this year. Think Sams Club, Costco, BJ's (whatever is in your area)...except that the focus of this store is organic, whole foods! It's called Green Polka Dot Box. As far as I know, this is the first store like this. I've even been wondering when something like this would get going and am surprised it's taken so long, but...at least it's starting now. This is actually just one store at the moment, located in Utah, but you will be able to order online, as well, with good shipping prices (and free for orders over $150). I know when we go to BJ's we can TOO easily spend over $100 at a time, since you're buying in bulk (even with the discount prices). Same would go for here, I'm sure - buying in bulk you can easily spend that much a couple times a year but come away with some really good savings.

Membership would normally cost either $50 or $125, depending on the type of membership you choose. But you can get the $50 one for free for one year (or you can bump it up to the next level and only pay $75 for one year). You do have to watch a little video...it's 30 minutes and thoroughly explains some processes with the business...if you don't want to take that much time (though it is some pretty interesting information), just have it run in the background while you do something else. You can still listen, even if you're busy with other things. Once it's over, you get to submit for the free membership, so that definitely makes it worth it. :) If you end up not using your free membership over the next year, no harm and you can just forget about the membership and not renew next year.

They do have some of their products up on the site already (it's not actually open for ordering yet - they will officially open November 1st), and I've compared a number of their prices on items with those at Whole Foods and amazon.com, using the subscribe and save feature with their bulk items (comparing the SAME BRANDS and identical products). So far, this place really does offer some GREAT discounts, and there are a number of brands that we currently use (and some we would like to use but cost has been a reason we don't use right now), so I know we would easily be able to make a membership worth it. We currently are just signed up for the free membership to try it out, though. We even found out that they sell some items that our local BJ's membership discount store sells...for even better prices! Pretty nice to see a discount store that beats the prices of another similar discount store (except this one obviously has even more items that we are looking for, having more organic choices, of which other discount stores are pretty limited).

So, prices are GREAT, and they are adding more and more products every day until they open. They do plan on expanding to have more actual stores - just takes getting it going. I've emailed the company some and immediately got responses answering all of my questions, so if you do have questions, don't hesitate in asking them. They have a form on their website if you just want to email.

Now, please go and check it out! There are only a few days left to get the free membership. The very last day you have to get in on that action is October 23rd, so act fast! Once they open, they will not be offering the free deal anymore, and the Club Membership will cost $50 (another membership will cost $125). Also, if you wait until they open, you will be wait-listed for membership so that they don't have a ton of people trying to sign up the day of - they want to get people signed up ahead of time so they can be prepared. Really, if you think you might be remotely interested, even the teeny, tiniest bit...just get the free membership. No harm in it. It's free! :) Look through the whole website to see what they already have up, to read about the company, see which brands are already lined up under them, etc. Go through it all!

For those with special diets or health conditions, check out their section for those with special dietary needs (it is way extensive and so easy to use!! Very impressive...you can click to see only gluten-free/casein-free/nut-free...vegan or vegetarian...and on and on, combining different allergies, health conditions you have to consider, etc. If you have anything like that, check this out! Also, all individual products on their site have information about that sort of thing, too.) You can even modify your searches based on other criteria that may be important to you, for example...paraben free, HE compatible, biodegradable, etc. It really is pretty cool. I'm excited about it!

If you do go to the site and end up signing up, please, please use my referral code here:

I don't currently get anything for it, but if we upgrade our membership (we're waiting until they open and we can check it out more and decide if it's really worth it for us) then you signing up with our invite does give us a little credit. (This is all explained in the video, by the way.) Also, you need a referral in order to get all the benefits with the free membership and purchasing abilities (meaning, if you don't use a referral, you can't purchase yet). So, for you and for me, please be sure that you let them know I referred you. Some folks are using the link and it still isn't going through (you should get some message that lets you know you haven't listed someone as your referral). If you aren't given another chance to list my name (Daisy Adkins), then either email me or comment on the blog post and let me know you signed up. I will check to see if it went through. If not, I can contact them to let them know you are signed up. Like I said, this benefits me, yes, but it also benefits YOU! :) And actually...just please let me know if you do sign up because I can just check and make sure all the info went through correctly.

So...use my link, watch/listen to the video, and get the FREE membership. :) Let me know if you check it out and what you think (and if you sign up!). I hope you're as excited about this as we are!!

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