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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane

My mom left early this morning to go back home to KY. She was here with us for a total of three weeks. I must admit, when we first discussed her staying three weeks, I couldn't help wondering if the two of us being together under the same roof for three weeks would maybe be a bit much. But there were no arguments, no getting on each others' nerves, no needing extra space. The only problem seemed to be that the three weeks went by WAY too quickly!

I really loved having her here. She was such a BIG help in so many ways. At the hospital, she would get me juice all the time, hold back my hair when I was nauseous from the pain meds, she gave me foot massages, and just loved on all of us. At home, she continued to make sure I always had enough to drink and eat (esp when I was nursing), she still gave me foot massages, she was a great baby-burper, and she played with Camden lots to make sure he didn't feel left out. She made wonderful meals for us, including my very favorite meal ever. She reminded me to take it easy (b/c I have this tendency to take on more than I should and feel like I can do it all!). And it was just nice to have my mom with us to share the time.

Some of the things Mammaw Melly did with Camden. They played soccer about every day!

I know our home will seem a little bit bigger and quieter now that she's not here. I already miss her being here with us. Having Aiden and having family visit us has made me miss being in KY already. We knew this would be harder when we started having more kids. Camden had established strong relationships with everyone before we moved so far away, but this baby is coming into the world with his family hours away. We hope to be able to help him foster such strong relationships with them but know it will be more difficult being in different states. We already have a webcam to communicate via video with the grandparents - in hopes that this will help Aiden get to know them all better (versus just hearing their voices on the phone). My dad has one already, mom will be rushing out to get one as soon as she gets home, and we're hoping Ryan's parents will join us with this, too! Still, it's not the same as being so close to them all.

Anyone want to take any bets on how long it will take us to move back "home"??

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Kathy Caveman said...

Hopefully not too long!!! Ya know, if Ryan wanted to continue working at a hospital, there are so many great hospitals in the Greater Cincinnati area!:) And it's alot closer to Winchester than you are now :) Just a thought lol!