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Monday, August 18, 2008

Tidbits about our little Aiden

Every day we are learning new things about our Aiden. Here are a few things about him...

*He HATES having his diaper or clothes changed! It really gets him riled up!
*He has a birthmark on his left thigh
*He smells like baby - one of the best smells in the world!
*He can sleep through ANYthing! If it weren't for him passing the hearing test in the hospital, we might wonder... We place him in the living room during the day and go on as usual - nothing waking him up! (You can be holding him and cough, turn on the vacuum next to him, etc, and he sleeps away, never even flinching.)
*Even when we try to wake him, it's nearly impossible!
*He wants to nurse just about any time Mom is near and every time she holds him. If he smells me or I touch his face, he immediately wants to nurse.
*He sleeps much better if he is swaddled.
*He might fuss a tiny bit when we're swaddling him, but the moment we're done, he's content.
*He only really fusses at three times (well, four, kind of): diaper/clothes changings, sponge bath (we're wondering how a real bath will go!), and when he's hungry. Otherwise, he's calm and content.
*He does NOT like the pacifier! He will take it occasionally (we only use it when he wants to nurse but really is full - he likes the sucking action and it puts him to sleep). He makes the most terrible face when you try to give it to him!
*He might take the paci every now and then, but he sleeps better if he's nursed.
*He will nurse just for the sake of nursing, even if he's full. That means I have to be aware of that b/c he *will* throw up everything if he nurses when he's full.
*This kid is HARD to burp!!
*Aiden can be passed around while he sleeps and will just sleep through it all. I can move him from the bedroom to the living room or carry him around, and he stays out.
*He looks so much like his daddy!! He has Ryan's lips, nose, fingers, and toes. He does have mommy's skin color (more of a mix between mom's and dad's) and hair color. Like one of our OB's said, he's a little Ryan!
*He's not a spitter-upper (unless I let him eat more than he needs! Then it all comes up!). Camden was a big-time spitter-upper - meaning every time he ate, a bunch would come back out. So I really appreciate that Aiden is not one.

Basically, we have a pretty easy-going baby (so far)! He is just adorable, and we LOVE getting to know every little thing about him.

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