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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Last night Camden spent most of the night at a friend's party - where he was the only boy there! (Well, one other boy was invited but didn't make it, and the girl's brother was there - so we heard he and Camden spent most of their time together.) He did want to trick-or-treat some, so we went out for about an hour. Towards the end, we heard this girl that looked to be only a year or two older than him yelling from her porch Come on trick-or-treaters! We haven't got all night! It was pretty entertaining. When we got there, she started talking to us about how lovely the weather had been. Haha! (It was actually quite cold by this point, though...)

The next house, while Camden was leaving, he took off his mask - which then left him wearing his UK toboggan. The lady at the door saw it and said they were from Lexington. :) Small world.

Camden discovered that only an hour of trick-or-treating does not get you a whole lot of candy. But he also realized he didn't care. (He hardly ever eats it anyway! He ends up forgetting about it...) He had more fun at the party. (Maybe b/c he was surrounded by girls... What do you think?) ;)

Here are pics from the night - there are just a few (really - I know that may seem impossible with me, but it's the truth this time). We did put Aiden in his little costume for a few minutes. Long enough to get the pictures, at least. He was really cute. Camden loved it and kept saying He's so cute! He's so cute! (He really IS crazy about his brother!) There are also pics of pumpkin-carving. Camden drew a face on one and we did an "A" for Aiden on another.

Halloween 2008

And here are our "Pumpkin Pictures" - pictures of Aiden and Camden with pre-carved pumpkins. They turned out really cute! And they were a lot of fun to do. :) Aiden even made friends with one of the pumpkins and had a whole conversation with it. Haha!

2008 Aiden & Camden Pumpkin Pics

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