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Friday, November 14, 2008

Road Trip!!

Haven't been on to blog in a while... We've been pretty busy! This past weekend, we took a short road trip - Aiden's first!!

We drove up to KY for the Berea College Homecoming and to visit with some of my girlfriends. It was a jam-packed, hectic weekend, but it was also a lot of fun! Aiden did really well on the car ride. We stopped on the way to spend the night at MaMaw Sharon's (it was already after 11pm when we got there since we left after Camden got out of school), then onto KY the next day to visit with some friends at Mammaw Melly & Pappaw Gene's house. My closest girlfriends were all there with their little baby boys. We all have boys born within 11 months of each other! And Sonia's older son, Justin, is the same age as Camden. Talk about good timing, huh? It really made me miss being in KY b/c it was not only great being around them - but it was so wonderful to have all the boys together!! While there, my brother, his wife, and their kids stopped by to meet Aiden, as well.

Joaquin and Aiden meet - I love how Aiden is just grinning! They'll be best friends just like their mommies are!!

Patsy w/ Joaquin (6 mos), Kathy w/ Johnathan (14 mos), Me w/ Aiden (3 mos), and Sonia w/ Christian (13 mos)

Baby group pic! :)

Saturday we spent the ENTIRE day in Berea. It was soooo nice being back there. Man, I miss that place! We walked around campus, saw some of my favorite professors (and didn't get to see a few others), saw a few friends (but didn't see nearly as many as I had expected), had lunch at Boone Tavern, dinner at Papa Leno's (take out, though), and visited the Ecovillage, where Sonia and I both lived for a couple years while at Berea. It reminded me how much I love Berea and how fortunate I was to go to school there.

A few of us at the Psych Alumni Reception

Kris - one of the best. professors. EVER.


A quick walk down to the Ecovillage to visit where Mommy & Camden used to live

On the way home Sunday, we stopped just to have breakfast with PawPaw Gary and MiMaw Susan. It was a quick visit and Aiden was pretty tired, but it was good to see them and break up the trip a little bit, too. Aiden wanted to stop and eat a little more often on the way home, but he still was quite the trooper! By the time we arrived back home, he and Camden were OUT!

Aiden never stays asleep while being taken out of the car seat or when being laid on the changing table... This shows how tired he must have been!!

Click on the album to see the rest of our pictures! We got a bunch of really good ones!
Nov '08 - Visit w/ Best Friends & Berea College Homecoming

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Leigh Ann said...

how fun! look at all those little boys!