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Friday, July 24, 2009

Heads Up

If you're one of my beloved readers - I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately! I have lots of things to post about but am seriously lacking the TIME needed to do so. We're soooo incredibly busy lately, more so than we want to be. To be honest, we (Ryan and I) are feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything we have going on. And to be even more honest, things aren't going to let up until August is over, or nearly over, at least. Many of the things are great things that we are excited to be doing or participating in (in some way), such as so many family members coming to visit us, finishing projects at the new house, Aiden's birthday party, many other baby birthday parties, wedding events out of town (state), and the list goes on...great things that we look forward to - but we are BUSY for sure. And with Aiden as active as he is, I get practically no down time during the day anymore. Usually his naptime is "me" time, but we're struggling with naps lately, and when he DOES sleep, I have too many projects that I can only do while he's napping, so...there goes "me" time, right?

Sorry for all the excuses - you'll just have to bear with me for the next month or so. Then I hope to get back to the parenting discussions, recipes, and all the other things I like to blog about!! So many posts are already in my head...I just need to find some time to actually write them out.

Thanks for reading and understanding! :)

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