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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

13 Months Take 2

Few things I forgot to include in the 13 Months post...

  • Aiden loves to stick his foot through the posts on his crib when I'm putting him to sleep at naptime. If I move him, he moves right back and puts his whole foot through it again.
  • He will sometimes go around making a wheezing noise, you know, like the way you sound when you can just barely breathe. We don't encourage this one much. I would rather him not make those kind of noises for fun so that I know it's real if it happens (when it is real...)
  • He also likes sticking out his tongue and smacking his lips at the same time. I guess he is just discovering what all he can do with his mouth and the noises he can make. He's really enjoying doing all sorts of things!
  • When he eats something he really likes, he makes a yummy noise, like "mhm, mmmm" - going up higher with the first "mhm." So hard to put into print, but it is so funny.
  • He also started a whine that we do not find to be so cute or funny. It's very distinct. He will go "aahhaa aaaaaa" - again, you just can't explain it with words... Kind of like the yummy noise where he goes up at the first part and then a long, flatter aaahhh at the end. When he does it, we ignore it. If he wants something (usually more of whatever he's eating), he has to sign "more" before he'll get it. The whine won't cut it. (And towards the end of the month, he is decreasing it a lot.)
  • Another noise - he "blows" his nose. Not really, but it sounds like it, so that's what we call it (maybe it will help him learn how to blow his nose?). He scrunches up his nose and blows in and out, in and out.
  • WORDS!! Just after turning one, Aiden said "bye" and waved. One week later, he added "hi" and waved when he saw Daddy walking past his room while we were inside. He's also been saying "dada" quite a lot lately. Sometimes it seems as if he really is saying it to mean "DaDa" and calling for Ryan; many other times, he's just making the sound. He is quite proud that he can do it intentionally, and just grins as if to say "I did that!" With "hi" and "bye" - he says them occasionally and only when he wants to. There is no making this kid do anything. He does things on his terms. (Some say this is one of the things he gets from me..... I can't really argue that.)
Ok, I think that's it.... I thought they were worth posting, even though I forgot them the other day. (Been out of town or would have done it sooner.) In case you're wondering why...part of the reason is because, as much as I slack in getting these posts done on time, I am REALLY a slacker when it comes to filling out the baby calendar and baby book. This gives me something to go back to when I finally get to the other two things to fill them out, so I have it written down somewhere. Plus - who doesn't like to hear what our baby is doing?? ;) (Well, I'm sure the grandparents - all of which read this - do!)

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