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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Aiden wants to introduce you to Bunny. Aiden LOVES his Bunny. He hugs Bunny. He kisses Bunny. Heck, he sometimes tries to bite off parts of Bunny's face and ears and hands...but it's all out of love for Bunny.

Mommy and Daddy have been trying and trying to decide what on earth Aiden would be for Halloween this year. Then it hit us - a bunny! Think about it...Aiden loves Bunny, he loves the book Guess How Much I Love You (which is about two bunnies - Big and Little Nutbrown Hare), and this is the last year we can get away with something as cutesy as a fuzzy bunny costume. After this, he will be too big to dress up like that - and he'll be able to voice what he wants to be. (He'll have opinions!!! And a voice!)

The problem is, we can't find a bunny outfit! Well, there are pink bunnies and maybe a white one here or there online. And then, of course, the bunny outfits for...(ahem)...women. None of those are what we are looking for. (Especially that last one.) We want one that looks like Bunny, who happens to look a lot like Little Nutbrown Hare in Aiden's favorite book. Is that too much to ask?? We don't think so, but perhaps it is because we're not finding it.

Does anyone out there know of a place that just might have the cute little bunny outfit we want for our cute little baby boy? We would be very grateful if you would share your knowledge!


Kevin A. Puckett said...

It would be a little pricey, but I bet you could find someone to make it. You still have time for that. Didn't Sonia make a care bear outfit for her Justin?

Daisy and Ryan said...

I'm trying to talk my mom into it... She and I made the cutest lion outfit for Camden's second Halloween - using one of those sleepers that have feet and zipped up with felt on the belly (light tan sleeper with darker tan felt) and a winter hat with which we sewed TONS of curls onto - made from a bunch of different shades of gold/bronze/yellow/etc ribbons. It really turned out GREAT! So...I reminder her how easy that was and how her other grandson needs a bunny outfit that is just as great. ;) The problem is, with her in grad school again - she's just slightly busy. :( But I'm trying!! We'll see if it works. If not, some people have shared links with bunny costumes - not exactly what we're wanting but closer than we had found before. So hard to settle when you have the "perfect" outfit in mind. Maybe Mammaw will come through............ ;) I'm hoping!

Holly said...


Holly said...

or here:

but scroll about halfway down.

Cuddly jumpsuit costume has attached floppy bunny ear headpiece, zipper front, and non-slip feet.
PM808432 Toddler 12-18 months. I think it looks a lot like the picture of Aiden's bunny.

Daisy and Ryan said...

Thanks, Holly!! Those are definitely on the list as possibilities!

My mom might come through after all... I have been sent on a mission to gather all materials, and if that works out, we'll be visiting for just a short while in October - just in time to make the costume together! (We hope!) I'm keeping my fingers crossed. But if it doesn't work, we have these other outfits as possibilities. :)

Holly said...

very cool...glad to be of help to you. it was fun searching for this for you. =) hope everything works out with you and your Mom. I love to hang out with my Mom too.