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Monday, May 17, 2010


Saturday was a very long but also a very exciting day. It was Camden's soccer tournament - both the semi-finals and the final game. Camden's team went into the semi-finals undefeated. This was Camden's last season with this team, as he'll age out in the summer. It was extremely hot, and we were out all day in the hot, hot sun. They won the semi-finals 2-0.

In the finals (playing one of his best friends!), they had a tied game, still tied in overtime, then a shootout, which always means lots of tension...and the Rapids came away the CHAMPIONS!!

They were also the only team in the entire Holly Springs league (not just their age group) to go through their entire season undefeated! Needless to say Camden has ONE happy boy since Saturday, and we are so proud of him! I have to admit that this mama teared up some and had to choke back tears when they won. I didn't want to go embarrassing him as the mom that was crying, but I was so proud of him and just so stinking excited for him! This is something he has really wanted and worked hard for since starting to play soccer, so it was a really big deal. It's his first time winning in the championship game, though his teams have come close many times - it was always just out of reach! :) It was quite a long day - basically out at the park from 8:30-3-something, with a break between the two games for lunch! But it was worth it! Even Aiden did extremely well, not getting fussy at all (he napped a bit when we came home for lunch, but Ryan had to wake him to come to the finals b/c we forgot he had the lawn chairs!).

After all this soccer hoopla, Aiden is becoming quite the fan, too! You might notice from all the soccer pictures throughout the regular photo albums online that Aiden always wears a soccer outfit to the games. Gotta support big brother! :) He started trying to say soccer recently, though it would come out "sock-ball!" instead of soccer ball. Throughout Saturday, he evolved from saying that to saying "soccer!"...and he says it ALL the time now! His other saying of the day on Saturday: "GO!" He would cheer from the sidelines and tell Camden and his team "GO!" as loud as he could. He has been carrying around this little soccer bouncy ball ever since he came across it a few days ago and has become inseparable from it. If he somehow looses sight of it, he walks around saying "Soccer?? Where go?" He says it in the cutest voice ever, holding his hands out, palms up, like he doesn't know where it is. I think we might have another soccer player on our hands...

Here is the link to some pics, if you're interested.
Camden's Soccer Tournament

A BIG congrats to Camden and his team, the Rapids. They had a stellar season this year, and I know Camden is thrilled to have ended his time with this team on such a great note!

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