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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Considering Ourselves Lucky

This morning started off pretty typical. Aiden woke earlier than we wanted, but later than usual at 6am. I tried to put him back down and went back to my bed. He was quiet for a few minutes and then started playing, indicating he was up for the day. After a while, Daddy went to get him and bring him to me to nurse. What was different was that he showed up with Aiden only wearing his pajama shirt.... Hmm.

My first question to Ryan: Did he poop?
His response: I don't know. It was too dark to see.

I've heard way too many stories of parents finding out their child could take off their diaper by finding them in the crib, dirty diaper by their side, and poop smeared EVERYwhere. That was my fear and what my mind immediately jumped to.... Of course, I usually hear this from people that didn't have some kind of pants on over the diaper, so the child just undid the diaper tabs and easily took off the diaper. I thought we were immune for a little longer, since we don't do that. Apparently they can figure out how to take those pants off at some age, though. Imagine that. ;) We'll go back to wearing onesies under those two piece pajamas, I guess. (Off topic, just last week, Aiden took his shirt off while he was supposed to be going to sleep, too. After I put it back on, he got it stuck over his head - his arms still in the arm holes but the rest of the shirt was pulled over his head and around the back of his neck. After that, I left the shirt off.)

When we went back into the room, the diaper tabs were still where they would have been if he had the diaper on, and they were still in the pajama pants, indicating he had pushed them off together. There was one tiny piece of poop lying on the sheet. Nice.

BUT...upon looking into the diaper, there was a much larger than normal amount of poop INSIDE it. He most likely did not even touch the poop that was loose in the crib. It most likely was still attached to another area and fell off...if you know what I mean. (Haha! Are you picturing that? Gross. Ha.) Considering the fact that what was in the diaper was more than usual and that he had managed to take all of that off while keeping it IN the diaper...we're considering ourselves very, very lucky.

Just one more reason we can't leave him sitting in his crib while we try to snooze a bit more. (We've learned that if he doesn't go down to sleep within a small amount of time, he will poop. I guess that now goes for when he wakes up, too...)

I'm sure you can sit back and enjoy a good laugh now. And be happy your child hasn't done it.



Becky said...

Yikes that could have been a disaster! Colin has yet to try this, but it seems unlikely that he will (famous last words right?!). Too tread dangerously on TMI: he usually poops once between 9 and 6:30 every day..(for a week or so at a time, he will poop at the same time, everyday then it will shift and hold for another week or so, etc) I can probably count on one hand the number of times this was untrue since he was 6 months old...

Daisy and Ryan said...

Famous last words is right...that's what I thought, too! I thought, oh, that just happens to those people who put their little ones to bed with no bottoms on - just a diaper, making it easy for them to get curious and remove it. Ha. Apparently not the case...

Aiden's not THAT regular with pooping... But we can rely on the fact that if he is in his crib awake for 15 or so minutes...or if he is having trouble going to sleep after we have put him down...he WILL poop. He won't go to sleep with a dirty diaper (but he won't announce it's dirty, either). One other reason we have to check on him if he's been awake for a certain amount of time. Ugh... I always have to check him b/c 99 out of 100 times...poop!

And yes, it easily COULD have been a disaster! I've been counting my blessings, trust me! ;) And I now know I am not immune... Haha!