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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fun times...

I'll get back into this blog thing, I will. Got some updates to post, and I need to get back to those VBAC posts I said I would start... We've been battling allergies like crazy over here.

It started to get warmer two and a half weeks ago, which was really nice (but didn't last long), so our fans in the bedrooms turned on. They're set to automatically turn on when the rooms reach a certain temp. Overnight, Aiden and I both became sick. (We hadn't yet put him back on his allergy meds, either, after taking him off for the egg-challenge.) I don't know if it's coincidence, but it makes sense with the dust mite allergies. And we've just been sick ever since. It got cool right after that, so the fans have stayed off since. Aiden just has congestion and sneezing, etc. Maybe him being back on Zyrtec has made a bit of a difference. I get the whole deal with my sinuses and was pretty miserable the second week. Sunday I started feeling a bit better. And then the fans came on again the other night....and guess who was up all night coughing and congested that same night. Well, guess which two of us were. Ugh.

And yes, the fans were turned off. We need to figure out how to make this better b/c we rely on fans during the summer a lot, running them pretty much nonstop. 

Then to top it all off, I had an allergic reaction to one of the few things I can take while sick (nursing mama's are pretty limited when it comes to medications and all that jazz). That was fun. We're still not 100% sure what it was, but we think it might have been the cough drops. Cough drops? Yep. I CANNOT STAND regular cough drops. I mean, I really hate them. So my mama had recommended these others because they taste ok and work (I think she feels kind of bad now, though she shouldn't - who would've thought?! Not me.). They're natural ones called Thayers - made with slippery elm, and I read (after the fact) that if you are allergic to elm trees..... I don't know if I am, but hopefully we'll soon find out. I've used them a few times before with no problems at all, but it still could be the culprit. It's really a bummer, too, because they really do help. I also use Sinusalia, a homeopathic sinus pain/pressure treatment (which works really well as long as you don't actually have sinusitus...just the part leading up to it. If you actually have an infection, it won't cut it).

I woke up Saturday and noticed my palms, fingers, and wrists were really itchy and red. It started off strong and would come and go as the day went on. It was driving me nuts, though! That night the itching kept me up all night long. All night. By morning, my hands were really swollen, and so were my lips. Not cool. Benadryl helped with some of the itching, but it didn't do anything for the swelling, which was mostly down by evening. Ironically, that was the day my sinuses felt their best and I thought I was finally getting a bit better in that regard. The sinus pain is back now, abut I can't take anything... First, we're not entirely sure what caused the reaction (and with it getting worse on Sunday, we really don't want to push it). Secondly, we're waiting to hear from the allergist...well, our primary dr actually b/c they have to call...and I don't know how soon they can get me in, BUT I can't take anything that will help my sinuses because of the antihistamines, which would interfere with any testing. Blah, blah.

Now Camden's getting sick. Aiden's had night terrors the last couple nights (regardless of how naps have been). And Ryan has had some allergy stuff, too. His is from outside, like most folks around this time. Pollen has covered everything outside. Doesn't hurt that he's allergic to our grass, and he mowed this weekend....

Oh yeah, we've been having some fun times here lately. I'm hoping the fun doesn't keep up much longer.

PS - If anyone knows of anything else I CAN take to help with the allergies/sinus problems, that would be awesome. Currently, I'm just using the NetiPot multiple times a day and taking ibuprofen when the pain is really just too much. I'd love to get over this already, though. With no more allergic reactions. ;)

Another PS - For those reading this in facebook, remember I'm not on facebook during Lent, so if you want to comment, please follow the link to the actual blog post and comment there. Otherwise I won't get the comment and won't be able to respond until after Easter. Thanks!


Becky said...

Wow you guys sound like you're having as good a couple of weeks as we are. Gotta love the change of seasons!
I use a Saline Spray simply because I could never find a neti pot when I needed one. It is probably the same thing but I do like the whole spray aspect, makes me feel like I'm pressure washing my sinuses! Good luck.

Megan @ Restoring the Roost said...

Sorry to hear you are dealing with so many sinus and allergy issues! I deal with allergy/sinus problems too, and a neti pot seems to help me- I put about 4-5 drops of "sweet leaf" tincture in the salt water (it is a natural anti-microbial). You might also try using "silver sinus" spray (comes in a blue bottle)- it is supposed to be really good for sinus/mold problems. Have you seen a holistic practitioner/naturopath for your allergies? My chiropractor in Chapel Hill is really good at diagnosing stuff like this.

Daisy and Ryan said...

Thanks, ladies!

Becky - Before I started the neti pot, I would just mix some salt water up and sniff it off a spoon. Haha! Worked, though. I've used sprays, too, but salt and water are pretty cheap. ;) Haha! We do use saline sprays with Aiden since he is too young for the neti pot still. Camden, however, was won over to the neti pot the first time he tried it.

Megan - Thanks for the suggestions. I even went to Whole Foods today to get some more meds for my sinuses b/c I ran out of Sinusalia (they were out of stock so I got a different kind the lady recommended). I looked at other stuff but couldn't remember what you suggested. I was definitely kicking myself for not writing it down! I need to read up to make sure it's all ok with nursing first, too (most of that kind of stuff is, but some things affect milk supply, etc). I would be interested in seeing a holistic practitioner and have thought about it - just need to look into it with our insurance and providers around.

I did read a lot about using apple cider vinegar to help... A few drops or so added to the neti pot can really clean things out! Doesn't necessarily feel good at first, but it's supposedly really great at thinning mucous, and it does it quickly!