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Sunday, April 10, 2011

They grow up so fast

The other day, Aiden made me laugh a number of times... (Ok, I wrote most of this almost three weeks ago and just saved it for some reason. Then we had company, etc, and then I just forgot about it. So, this was more than just the other day, but still.)

While playing outside, this child of mine came running up to the porch, smacking his hands together the way you do when you're trying to brush dirt off of your hands. He made a "pbth" noise and said, matter-of-factly, "I don't like dirt." And then he walked over to the little girl I watch a couple days a week; she's a year younger than Aiden. He got really close, leaned down and in a bit so his face was right next to hers, and said in a cutesty voice, "Look at you! Aren't you CUTE!"

While we were outside, he also came and got me at one point and said, "I made an A!" He took me by the hand up to the porch, where he had in fact written the letter "A" with sidewalk chalk. What?! I was shocked. And quite proud. This was a first for him, and he wasn't prompted, either, making it an even bigger deal.

Later, while I was fixing dinner, the child discovered the vacuum cleaner was out. He's a big fan. No kidding. He rolled it over to the outlet, took the outlet cover off (what good are they now?!), plugged in the vacuum, turned it on (ok, so he needed some help with this. He could push the button to turn it on, just not hard enough for it to *stay* on), and then proceeded to vacuum the kitchen.

He's watching his reflection from the oven...

Then a bit later, when he was done with that, he was over near the stairs (where I couldn't see, since I was still in the kitchen). I can't remember what was said to begin with, but Camden said something to Aiden and was walking up the stairs. Aiden retorted...well, more like yelled, "You're not a parent, Camden!" (Something he's heard us tell Camden on more than one occasion.)

At dinner, he didn't want to try something. I asked him if he would try with his finger. This is his new way of accepting the challenge...if he can simply touch it with his finger and then taste that, whatever he actually got on his fingertip. So, he tries it that way. Then he says, "So, what do you think?" in a cute voice. Apparently I say that a lot, too... You never realize how much you say something until your children start repeating it, huh?

A different night, Aiden was drawing on some notepads, and he was explaining what he was drawing, when he looked up at me and asked, "Does that make sense?" (as in, "do you understand that?"). Another thing I say a lot and hadn't realized it.

This isn't meant to be a post on the things I say and Aiden repeats. I could go on and on about THAT! The whole point of this post is....how quickly our kids grow up! I realize it goes by quickly. Hello...I have an eleven-year-old! And as much as I have NOT rushed things with Aiden, he suddenly isn't a baby anymore. The other day, when most of the above happened, I couldn't help but think...where is my baby?? Just all these little things he does and says that reminds me he really is growing up. And then he was acting even older than he really is, too, which was really, really funny to watch and hear...but it also makes me want to tell him to slow down even more.

Oh, and he learns plenty of things from big brother that make him sound older, too. On the way to the grocery today he said something. I asked him to repeat it because I didn't hear him, so he said something again. I then turned the radio down even more (he had earlier asked us to "please turn it up a little" so he could hear it better), and I again asked him to repeat himself. He just sat there for a while. I started to think he either didn't hear me or was just not paying attention. "Aiden, what did you say? Can you tell me again because I didn't hear you?" Aiden's response? "Nothing."


Too fast. They really do grow up too fast.

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Becky said...

Oohh I like that taste it with your finger! That is a good one! I wish we could bottle them up and keep them little sometimes but then I remember that more good things are to come...