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Sunday, April 17, 2011


I'm not sure how much news everyone has seen about the tornadoes in North Carolina... I can't write much at the moment; we're at Ryan's office to access some electricity so we can check email and charge our cell phones. Plus, I really don't know much. We're trying to catch up on the news while we're here. We've been out of power since 3:30 Saturday and aren't sure when it will be back on. I think I just read they'll try to have it on sometime Monday. The lines are down just a mile from our house.

And yes, a tornado did hit our area. Our subdivision was hit at 3:30 yesterday. We were extremely lucky with just a tree broken and the basketball goal being knocked over. Ironically, when the wind was picking up, Ryan moved the cars to the side of the road in case the basketball goal fell, so it wouldn't damage the cars. The goal did fall but in the other direction. And the tree that broke and fell...was right next to where he moved the cars. It also happened to fall away from the cars. Others in our neighborhood did not fare as well. A lot of houses with siding torn off, some with a little more. Lots of trees uprooted, etc, etc.

The road that our subdivision turns off of has a lot of damage. We've heard the subdivision next to us is REALLY bad, but roads are blocked off, so we can't see any of it.

We are realizing how lucky we were. We didn't even know there was a tornado until after it happened... We were watching the news, and just as they were telling that the storm was heading toward Holly Springs, the electricity went out. We went upstairs to get the flashlight and could hear the wind outside. We got the light and came back downstairs to get in the closet under the stairs, but it was already over by then. The thing that scares me is how much we didn't know until after the fact. After seeing the damage in our area, that is really scary to me and I'm very thankful we're ok! We will post some pictures once we get electricity back and are able to get onto our computer.

And trust me...we'll have things ready for next time so we don't have to go upstairs for a flashlight. On our way home, we're going to buy a small battery-operated radio to keep in the hall closet and will hang a flashlight in there, as well. It scares me to know that in the time we went upstairs, where we weren't as safe, just to get a flashlight and then come back down...in that extremely short amount of time the tornado came and went. We got lucky. Very lucky.

We won't be here too long at his office, so we won't have internet access to check email, etc for much longer. If anyone wants to reach us, just text my or Ryan's phone. We're trying to save battery power, so we're not talking on the phones much, since we can't charge them. We've just gotten to read a bit of the news, and I think I saw they are trying to get power on by Monday maybe.

I hope everyone else that was around any of the tornadoes is fine!


Megan @ Restoring the Roost said...

Glad to know y'all are ok! We didn't have any damage or power outages except for some downed tree limbs (that thankfully fell just feet away from my car!)

Becky said...

We are on vacation this week and were in Cary/Apex during the tornado at my husbands aunts house... we were split up into two different closets. It was so scary. I'll post something about it soon, but I don't want to broadcast too much that we are out of town.

Daisy and Ryan said...

Just got our power back on! Yay! They weren't expecting it until midnight tonight, so we're pretty happy.

Megan - Glad you all are ok! :)

Becky - Wait WHAT?! You were in Cary/Apex???? No way! Are you still around? Holly Springs is RIGHT next to there, in case you didn't know. And we'll even be in Cary tomorrow for some strawberry picking. That is scary that on vacation you had to hide from a tornado! :(

Edwina Sybert said...

I've heard about it, and it is really frightful! It did a lot of damage to the houses there – my cousin's including. Good thing nobody got hurt, as they went to their safe room as soon they're alarmed of a tornado coming in.

Edwina Sybert