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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Four Weeks News

Yesterday Aiden was FOUR WEEKS OLD (yes, already!!). We had a doctor appt to check out his jaundice and make sure he was getting over it. Last week he was still yellowish in his face and eyes, and even though he looked fine by yesterday, we figured we would leave that diagnosis up to the professionals instead of assuming he was fine.

So to the doctor we went. First of all, when Aiden was weighed - he came in at 10lbs 13oz!!! That's just over two pounds more than he weighed at birth! Ryan and I had noticed that he looked a lot bigger, but we were surprised he was that much bigger! Since Aiden still has his cold that he picked up last week, they checked all that out, too. And then, even though we all agreed that Aiden did appear to be over the jaundice, they did a heel prick to draw blood to be sure. The dr wanted to do this only because it will be another 5 weeks before Aiden is back, and it's best to be safe. We agreed.

Now, in the hospital, poor Aiden had this done to him THREE times. He did fine then. He sucked on Daddy's finger and hardly fussed, even though they take a good amount of blood and have to squeeze his heel to get it all out. (He came home with bruises on both heels, and the marks from the prick just recently completely went away...) But THIS TIME he did not take it so well. He screamed the entire time, his face going so, so red. We hated it. The lady drawing the blood hated it. And obviously Aiden hated it. But Mommy swooped in to nurse him and save the day right after they were done! And (a reminder of why I really like this office), they found an extra exam room for me to use to nurse him and take our time. And the results came back a little later - Aiden was right in the middle of the range they want him to be. So that was good news. And no more heel pricks!!!

Some other big news... My cousin Michelle had her baby yesterday!! :) I won't be able to see them until Christmas, but I can't wait for Aiden and little Cody to meet! I was talking to my mom, Mammaw Melly, on the phone about it and put her on speakerphone so Aiden could hear her. He was listening so intently! It was fun to see him so focused. And then it seemed like he was on the verge of smiling...

When we got off the phone, I swear, he smiled twice!! Each time, he smiled quickly, and then just as quickly frowned in a way that looked like he was scared. (I'm wondering if he was scared b/c I was so excited!!) The downside to this.... Ryan and I have both been saying we hope that Ryan can see the first smile. We knew it could happen any day, and Ryan still has a week and a half left at home before going back to work. When this happened, Ryan also just happened to be out of the house! He had left to get Camden from school, so they both missed it (just barely, too)! And of course, it hasn't happened since... Hopefully soon!

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