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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Paci Hater and a Good Night's Rest

I know I am posting a lot of blogs all at once. It's not that I haven't had the time to blog... I have had some time here and there (during naps mostly), but it's the motivation to spend that time actually doing something productive that has been lacking! I would rather take that time to sit down and relax! But my to-do list is growing, and blogging is one of the easier, less taxing things on the list, so that's what I'm getting to now (the rest can wait, right?).

I mentioned before that Aiden isn't a big fan of the pacifier... That's a bit of an understatement. We were trying to use a certain kind to begin with. One of those paci's that aren't as bad when it comes to his mouth and teeth coming in (the one we chose was the orthopro). We rejected the one the hospital gives out to breastfed babies (the soothie) for various reasons, but we brought it home with us just in case. Aiden never really liked the orthopro; he took it on a few occasions but usually fought it. We didn't want to even encourage the use of one at all, but this kid has a strong need to suck. Very strong!
Aiden's face when given the orthopro pacifier...

We finally caved and tried the soothie. And he took it. He doesn't love it, but he will take it from time to time. And actually, I usually have to convince him to take it (and I'm not loving that I'm encouraging it, but he sometimes NEEDS it). I had thought since I was breastfeeding, he would take it better from others, but it seems he does the opposite and takes it better from me.

Until lately. The last two days, he has downright refused the thing, no matter how tired he is. If I let him, he will nurse when full just to go to sleep (and then spit up what won't fit in his little tummy). That's where the paci comes in. But these days, as soon as it touches his lips, he gets downright MAD, yells, and gives this look like he couldn't be more offended!! Man, he does NOT like that thing! So yesterday, I had to cave some more and nurse more than normal, more than he needed... Any helpful tips with this are welcome. :)


Last night we did something a little different before bedtime. I have tried to massage Aiden after bathtime before, but he also hates bathtime, so he isn't very relaxed and ready for anything (other than nursing, of course). But I massaged him before bed last night, and he seemed to be ok with it. We had a much calmer time getting to bed. He didn't fuss as much during the diaper change and he went right to sleep after eating. (The last couple nights he's had a hard time staying asleep once put in the bassinet.) But GET THIS - he slept from 11:15-3:30!!! WOW! In case you can't do that math, that's FOUR HOURS AND FIFTEEN MINUTES!!! Of course, when he woke up, he pooped - and if he gets a diaper change in the middle of the night, it for some reason means he has to stay awake longer than normal, so instead of nursing and going right back to sleep, he stayed up for AN HOUR. But hey - I figured I would give the kid a break this time since he slept for so long at once. I was shocked!! Wonder if the long sleep time was a fluke or will continue.... We shall see!

Oh, we also got these new blankets to use for swaddling, since Aiden sleeps so much better when swaddled (and is getting too big for some of his blankets to be used for swaddling). We used them for the first time last night at bedtime, and they are great! Love them! They are made by Aden & Anais - find more info here. Totally recommend these blankets!

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