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Sunday, September 28, 2008

What a Big Boy!

Aiden has been quite the little sleeper lately.

For the past week and a half or so, he's been sleeping SOOOO well at night. He's been waking up sometime between 2 and 3 to nurse, going right back to sleep. Waking again around 5 to nurse, back to sleep. Usually up again around 7 where he might stay up for an hour and then go back to sleep - or he'll just nurse and go back to sleep. So, to me, he's really just waking up twice in the middle of the night. Sometimes he sleeps between 5 and 6 hours at a time!

We usually get Aiden down for good for the night between 9 and 10, depending on his earlier naps, etc. The past few nights, though, he's been making his own bedtime around 7 or 8! We had to wake him to change and nurse him around 11. So we're trying to get him to bed earlier now - and wondering how his midnight feedings will change. We'll see!

Now for naps... When we're out and about (which we've had to do more lately since Daddy's back at work and Mommy has to run errands, get Camden from school, etc.) Aiden doesn't sleep as well. In fact, the car does NOT put him to sleep. He feels every bump and startles with each one. He usually gets really mad and starts screaming a few miles from our destination (or while we're in a long line where I can't get out to help him). He really hates being buckled down where he can't move (along the same lines, he doesn't like his feet to be pushed up against anything either - which is why we can't use the sling we bought to carry him in and when he's upset, I usually have to hold him standing up so his feet aren't pushing into my lap...). Anyway, getting off topic...

Aiden in the car - His little hand jerks up, wide open with every bump!

At home, I've been putting him down for naps in his crib the last few days. Before, we were having him sleep in the playard bassinette in the living room (helps him get used to the daylight and the noise so he learns to sleep through it all). At night he sleeps in the bassinette in our bedroom. I figure he needs to get used to the crib for when we do have him sleep in his room at night. So, to the crib we go for naps now. He has been doing great. What is so great, though, is how well he has been soothing himself! Sometimes I lie him down when he's still slightly awake, and many times he can still go to sleep on his own. He sometimes wakes up, and I can tell he's not ready to get up. I can tell when he's just fussy b/c he has gas or some other reason, so I'll back off - and he's been doing so well at just going back to sleep. If he cries, I get him, but he hasn't needed that too much. I've been pleasantly surprised! I'll peek in on him and watch him as his eyes slowly open and close, as he drowsily falls back to sleep. It's adorable, really.

During naptime, we also let Aiden sleep on his side. (We're sure he's going to be a tummy sleeper when he's older, but for now he's on his back at night, and we let him lie on his side during the day.) We'll put a blanket up against his back so he doesn't roll over b/c he sleeps better that way. In his crib, he wiggles around a lot. He'll start out lying straight (parallel with the bumpers in the picture) and then end up like this... (I come in and pull up the covers multiple times during his naps, usually tucking his hands in them - he's still getting used to his hands being free and not waking him!)

Sleeping is his big boy crib!

I hadn't been saying how well he sleeps at night b/c I didn't want to jinx it... Hopefully I didn't just do that about his napping, too. Camden learned to fall asleep well at an early age and has been a wonderful sleeper since. We're hoping Aiden got this trait from him. :)

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