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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What could have happened...

...did happen.

Today I had my 6-week check-up with my OB. Big day for me b/c I had to get somewhere on time with Aiden by myself. I think I should be able to deal with it all after all that happened today. (Maybe I'm giving myself too much credit, but we did go through a lot...)

First, I manage to get up early to actually shower. By the time I'm getting out, Aiden is fussing (which means he recently woke b/c he wasn't REALLY crying it out). We had a decent morning. Got him dressed, fed, and back to sleep for a short nap so I could get ready. In time to leave ON TIME, I wake him to change his diaper and feed him again. He wasn't hungry, so we skipped that. While changing the diaper, he peed on his outfit. (I was even holding something over to absorb the pee, but somehow some got around it.) So, we change the clothes and the diaper. Then he poops. Big time. Another diaper change.

We're in the car, leaving "on time" (five minutes after the goal, which was really a few minutes early - always have the goal be early so you can sometimes actually be on time!). My mom calls and we're chatting a little. I'm about turn on to HWY 55 from High House (for those of you from the area), look at Aiden in the mirror while stopped at the light, and see him spitting up EVERYWHERE. Stop at Starbucks parking lot to wipe up what I can, and we're back on the road.

The car does not put Aiden to sleep. So he's awake the whole drive to Chapel Hill - and does ok. A couple miles from the office, he starts screaming. Get to the office, it's pouring, so Daddy (who is meeting us there) parks my car while I get us inside. I want to change Aiden's outfit - but the two I have packed (for situations such as this, of course) in the diaper bag...are TOO SMALL! (I even thought yesterday that I should put bigger outfits in there - but obviously I hadn't done it.) So, he's stuck in a spit-up decorated outfit while I nurse him and proceed with the dr visit.

We then need to stop at a store before heading back home. It is still POURING. I get us in the store ok. Coming out - I discover that while you can fold the stroller with one hand, you cannot put it in the trunk with one hand. I try a few times while holding the umbrella with my other hand. Eventually I give up, put the umbrellla down, and use both hands to put the stroller away, thus getting SOAKED. But the stroller is in the trunk.

Oh, it's also much colder than I anticipated (b/c I didn't know it would rain like this today), so Aiden is in a onesie. (But we do have a big blanket, so he's not cold, thankfully.)

Get home, change diaper and clothes, feed, and leave to get Camden from school. Once again, Aiden is a happy camper in the car. Until we get in the carpool line. We're lined up in the street since we're not early, though. And it's still pouring. So I try everything I can from the front to calm him. After ten minutes of him screaming - by the time the line is moving - he is falling asleep while I am driving...with my right arm reaching back to stroke his face.

So, let's see...we dealt with...
wetting his outfit and then dirtying his diaper both right before we leave.
spitting up on the way.
pouring rain + car seat + umbrella + stroller.
crying while in the car.
nursing while out.

not sure what else there is! oh - no sun in the face since it's raining. thankfully! we actually have some screens for this but haven't put them up. one is a shade that clings to the back. i tried unsuccessfully to put this up last night, so i was thankful it was not sunny (could have done without the tons of rain, though).

Oh the joys of having an infant, huh? ;) Oh, and on top of all of this, I woke up with an extremely sore throat this morning. I feel like my throat is on FIRE! But I suppose it could have been worse, right? And we did survive. Aiden is taking a very good nap and will most likely (as usual) wake up to nurse right when I'm sitting down to eat. ;)


Samara said...

OMG! I can't even imagine all of that. I guess life is pretty crazy with an infant.

Life Scraps and Patches said...

Such fun to get to keep up with your family. It's hard to believe that Aiden is six weeks old. Hope that sore throat is better, Daisy.

Leigh Ann said...

what a day! part of the joy of having a newborn. :) i hope your throat feels better soon!