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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Meal Plan

Here's the run-down for the week...

Dinner at Maggiano's for our neighbor's birthday. Was our first time there, and we took advantage of their buy one get one for home deal. Here's some more info on the deal if you're around one of these and have been wanting to try them out!

Lunch: Pasta, peas, and parmesan; banana slices with peanut butter and currants. Aiden is not the biggest pb fan, but he *loved* having it this way! I just put a dab on each banana slice and topped it with some currants (a few, since they're so little - those things are so cute, though!). He could not get enough!
Dinner: Leftovers from Maggiano's. And there was still some left!

Lunch: More Maggiano's leftovers. Bread. Aiden really loves just plain bread!! And some green smoothie.
Dinner: Mini-Meatloaves (I need to post the recipe sometime because these things are GOOD), butternut squash puree, and sauteed asparagus. I didn't get to make rolls or anything, so we had some naan bread that we had on-hand. I love that the meatloaves are so freezer friendly. It makes 8, and since we're only using it for one meal this time (and I'm banning Ryan from eating more, as much as he wants to), I'll freeze the rest for another week. And I gotta say...I'm not a fan of squash (any kind - I keep trying and really want to like it, I do!), but this puree is pretty tasty - as in *really* good! Camden knew he wouldn't like it and admitted it was better than he expected. Aiden, who scarfed down multiple bowls last time I made it, wouldn't even try it. UGH. If he had, he would have loved it. I know it. So frustrating when they do that. This is my favorite meal of the week (so far, at least) - it's just SO bright and colorful! The meatloaves are red from the glaze on top, the bright orange squash, and the green asparagus...just so pretty!

Lunch: Tuna, apple, raisin salad on mini-pitas (that we've had on the menu forever and still haven't had), avocado.
Dinner: Chicken tortilla soup (that we had on last week's menu and didn't make)

Lunch: Tuna, apple, raisin salad on mini-pitas
Dinner: Pizza casserole - adding in some extras this time (mushrooms, bell pepper, some pepperoni), apples.

Lunch: Strawberry soup, Pita or crackers with peanut butter and raisins
Dinner: Either pizza casserole leftovers, or we'll freeze the leftovers and eat taco soup (that is in the freezer). We'll see.

Lunch: Various leftovers.
Dinner: Cheeseburgers (I've been wanting to try to make some veggie burgers - I have a recipe I found in a magazine, but if anyone has a recipe you know is great, please share! - but Camden made sure to request just regular beef burgers this week. Ha!), baked "fries," and smoothies or fruit.

I'm also wanting to make these pumpkin apple muffins and have had them on the menu for a couple weeks now. Hopefully we'll get to them this week!

For snacks, Aiden has been begging for "snack-a bars," so I finally made some more. He LOVES these things. Camden not-so-much. And Ryan likes them, too. Plus, they're nut-free so Daddy can have them. They're super easy, too!


Becky said...

I also have a mini-meatloaf recipe that we really like (and it freezes!) Each one has a little stick of cheese in side which makes it so good! I use turkey and beef and sausage usually when I make them but I've been off sausage for a while because of a food poisoning incident.

I made granola balls, but Colin isn't a fan. It might be the granola I used (no oven= not making my own) it was pretty boring.
I am right there with you with the toddler eating habits. I sometimes want to smack the weelicious lady because her kids will EAT ANYTHING. No fair.

Daisy and Ryan said...

Hahahaha! I'll bet they don't ALWAYS eat ANYTHING, though. I've seen some of her videos, too, where the kids aren't doing everything she's wanting them to or doing it right. It's kind of nice to see that, too - to see she'll film them "helping" and show the world when they're not really helping and they're even sometimes ignoring her or doing the opposite of what she wants.

I think part of it over here is also that some things Aiden used to eat really well I don't offer all the time. Like the squash...I don't really like squash all that much, so I don't have it often. So, he forgets he's had it before. My fault! :(

Food poisoning? NO FUN!

So, I'm not the only one who makes mini-meatloaves?! This week, my friend that also does a menu plan post had a recipe posted for turkey mini-meatloaves! Haha! My recipe is bit different...mostly like hers (she had a link) but with a few extras. I've never made it w/ sausage before, though! Or cheese in them. That does sound yummy!! Maybe you should be posting some of your recipes, too... Haha!