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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Meal Plan

The week is nearly over, but we did have a meal plan for the week. I have just barely had any time even near a computer this week, it seems. Or last week. Anyway, here it is...

Dinner: Italian Sausage Soup. Not as great as we were hoping. Camden picked this one out of a recipe book we have, and it does sound pretty good. Maybe with a different sausage it would be better? Really the main flavor comes from the sausage you use. I couldn't help but think of fennel when I was smelling or tasting the soup. And I'm not really a fan of fennel. Not that I'm saying it was in the stuff...but that's what came to mind. Now, it wasn't as bad when we actually sat down to eat as what I thought it would be when I was cooking, but it still wasn't *great* either. Still, I'm glad Camden picked out something...other than some of his typical picks...and something that was pretty healthy, too.

Dinner: Apple, bacon, cheddar sandwiches with red onion mayo, carrot raisin salad. Doesn't sound like much, but the sandwiches are pretty filling!

Lunch: Chicken salad, crackers, and I was attempting to get some kefir smoothie in Aiden b/c he was getting over a virus. He ate the chicken salad and drank some electrolyte drink that I added probiotic powder to, so at least he got something... He did have some of the smoothie at some point.
Dinner: Deconstructed Broccoli & Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts, corn, mayo rolls. While the previous link is where you can find the recipe, I first found it on Once a Month Mom, who made it into a larger meal to be frozen (for four meals). I make two meals out of it and cook it in a 13x9 pan. We've made the stuffed chicken dish before, and while it's good...it's work. This is much easier. And instead of using chicken breasts, I used chicken that I already had in the freezer after making chicken broth from a whole chicken...I take it all off and freeze it in different amounts. I just used a couple cups' worth for this dish - and it was super easy and already in bite-sized chunks of chicken, so it was even easier to eat! The only problem...while Ryan and I really like it, the kids don't. WHY I have no idea! Aiden won't really try it, to be fair. This toddler phase is a lot of fun....

Lunch: Chicken salad, smoothie (same one from yesterday - apparently it was better today)
Dinner: Veggie beef soup (from the freezer - my favorite kind of meal!), peanut butter (sunbutter for Daddy) with honey sandwiches. I couldn't believe Ryan had never had a honey and PB sandwich...and I'm sure he's glad I'm saying that on here for all to read. ;)

Lunch: Believe it or not, there was a tiny bowl of chicken salad left. Basically, Aiden eats this entire recipe on his own. I get a few bites here and there. He finished it off today.
Dinner: Leftover broccoli, cheese, chicken, corn and bread. I just made a loaf of bread yesterday for dinner and had to make another today just to have enough for tonight's dinner! I normally don't have to make it that often...

Lunch: banana slices with peanut butter, some kind of green smoothie (we're out of pineapple, which I always use, so I'm going to have to do something different...), and we'll see what else.
Dinner: Pigs in a blanket, zucchini slices, and roasted potatoes. This is all Camden. (Well, his idea. I'll be doing most of the cooking, if not all. Not because he can't help but he'll probably be at soccer practice.)

Lunch: Leftovers
Dinner: Cheese burgers (should be nice enough to grill!!!), baked fries, smoothies. We'll see if the fries get done. Mama will be volunteering at a consignment sale some friends run, and Daddy will be in charge of dinner. He's quite capable...but he's not made the fries before, and, of course, I don't do it exactly by the recipe. I'm sure he'll do just fine, though. :) I should be arriving home just in time for dinner!

PS - Locals should come out to the consignment sale! More info HERE! :)

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