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Monday, March 7, 2011

Menu Plan

Lunch: Strawberry soup, banana dog bites, raisins. Now...the banana things aren't anything too out of the ordinary. Camden's even tried to take a banana wrapped in a tortilla with peanut butter. But his complaint was that the banana kept slipping out! Sometimes it takes a smack..or someone posting on their website...to have the light bulb go off: slice it! Aiden, who won't eat anything that involves a tortilla (no quesadillas...seriously!) and is iffy about peanut butter..who also will beg for a banana and then eat a couple bites and play enough with the rest that it's trash...that kid loved these things! He ate every single bite, except for the one I had to try it. (I'm sitting here right now eating the mama-version...nutella instead of pb. Oh it's yummy. Though really...I would be happy eating a banana with nutella on a spoon. Or just the nutella.)
Dinner: Veggie stir fry w/ rice, apple slices. (And yeah, technically this isn't vegetarian, since it uses chicken broth..but you can switch that for a different broth to make it really veggie.) ;)

Lunch: Strawberry soup (I always make enough for Aiden to have two meals and for Camden to take it on the second day, too), and either more banana dog bites or pb on bread with raisins. I'm guessing Aiden will go for the banana bites.
Dinner: Mini-meatloaves (pulled from the freezer, already cooked), asparagus, and the yummiest roasted potatoes. Camden goes crazy for these potatoes. Seriously. It's a Pioneer Woman recipe - doesn't that automatically make it delicious??

Lunch: Quesadillas, avocado, green smoothies. Ok, Camden will have quesadillas. So will Mommy. Aiden...I'll try, but he'll probably turn his nose up at it.
Dinner: Taco Salad

Lunch: Wait and see. Aiden's egg-challenge and allergy testing is this morning, and there's no telling how long we'll be there - a couple hours minimum.
Dinner: Lentil Veggie Soup, "really big biscuits" (from Family Feasts for $75 a week - great biscuits!), fruit

Lunch: There should be some leftovers in the fridge by now...
Dinner: Italian Sausage Soup (a new recipe we're trying from the Family Feasts book mentioned above). This is one of Camden's picks for the week.


Over the weekend, I made the pumpkin apple muffins, and they have been a huge hit. Aiden loves muffins of any kind pretty much, but he's smitten by these. I have a feeling I'll be making them again before the week is over. I used honey instead of agave as the sweetener - it's cheaper, for one thing.We also had the chicken tortilla soup last week, and everyone really liked it, even the kids. I added black beans, and I already had cooked chicken chopped up and frozen from when I recently made chicken broth (which decreased cooking time). Next time I'll definitely be making a double batch so we at least get a couple meals out of it.

What's on your menu this week?


Becky said...

This week, actually the next two weeks are totally nutty for us(doctors appointments, misc school deadlines and events, unusual work obligations etc), so on our 'menu' until further notice is mom and dad help themselves and Colin eats with whomever is home although generally not the same thing. This is totally LESS than ideal, but such is the life when mom and dad are both pursuing PhD's at the same time (and Dad works full time and Mom is full time childcare). I need a nanny, housekeeper and chef this week..actually I would just take my mom if she lived less than 6 hrs away!
One of my nights 'on duty' I'm def going to try the banana dog bites for Colin, he loves all the ingredients but I've never put them together.

Becky said...

The banana dog bites were half a hit. He loved the banana peanut butter combination but he took the tortilla off and discarded it. I ended up just serving banana slices topped with PB with toast. He ate two whole bananas so it works for me.

Daisy and Ryan said...

I discovered Aiden loves banana slices topped with just a tiny bit of peanut butter - and sometimes top that with a raisin or a couple currants.

I thought the banana dog bites were ok, but I got tired of the tortilla halfway through, to be honest. I'm kind of surprised Aiden likes them b/c he doesn't usually like tortillas. Tried quesadillas again today...I cut his in strips, and he took a couple bites. He said he liked it, but that's all he ate...

Daisy and Ryan said...

I meant he loves JUST banana slices with pb and raisins. He does like the banana dog bites, but he also just loves the banana & pb on its own. (And he normally isn't a huge fan of pb...but I'm starting to think he just isn't a fan of sandwiches and pb is fine in other forms)