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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Why All The Back Pain - Now I Know!

I went for my first physical therapy appt today. Glad I'm going now that I know the problems (yes, problemSSSS), but it does (as I was warned) hurt more after the visit. Apparently my pelvic bones on the left side are out of whack. And on the right side, my ribs are kind of out of whack, causing my muscles to go into them a different way than on the left. Hence, all the back pain I have been experiencing. So, I have been sent home with one of those maternity belts to wear - it will help push my pelvic bones in together more (and is billed to insurance so we didn't have to pay for it, a nice bonus). I have a list of exercises to do to help my upper back pain and some other things. And I am to go back once a week for now (unless it gets worse and I need more, which hopefully will not happen!). This lady did all sorts of pushes and pulls on my legs and back. She seemed to really know what she was doing and always hit the right spot when she asked - does that feel any different? is that tender?

And now I know that I need to be icing the spots - not using heat. Whoops. I can never remember which to do when!

So here's to hoping the pain decreases over the next couple months with the help of PT instead of increasing as this baby grows - pushing more on my ribs and adding more pressure to my pelvic bones. Now I am going to go ice my back, since it already hurts from sitting here just to write all of this... :(

*A friend recently told me "pregnancy agrees with me" after seeing me the other day. She meant that I looked great for being pregnant - all belly, glowing, etc. (Not sure if I completely agree with all of that, but I'll take the compliments!) ;) Now, what I really think but don't say is - it's more that pregnancy appears to agree with me - at least on the outside. It seems to be terrible to the inside of my body, though! I have dealt with the hyperemesis gravidarum (and still am in the mornings, still taking the anti-nausea meds), concerns of placenta previa and being limited to what I can do physically because of that, and now these various back problems that are really, really painful (I don't complain much except on here and to my family - b/c what good does that do??). So, while I might look like pregnancy agrees with me, I tend to disagree. :( I keep thinking to myself - I love being pregnant, but pregnancy does not love me back... Not really fair. And the good news (ha!) - all of these tend to worsen with each pregnancy. Oh Yay.

Ok - to the ice now!

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