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Thursday, May 29, 2008


So this was actually from this LAST Saturday... Like I said, I'm more in the "lazy" phase these days... I get things done, it might just take a while!

Last Saturday, Ryan took his final CPA exam, and we decided to celebrate (as if he had already passed b/c we just know he DID! - we won't find out until the end of June for sure). Some friends gave us our "champagne" (sparkling cider - since I can't have the real deal) for my graduation, so we used it to toast that and the CPA exam. Camden and I found a red velvet cake for Ryan b/c that's his very favorite. And we had all of this BEFORE dinner. :) That's the best time, right? Ryan was pleasantly surprised when he got home to find the set up (we got home JUST before he did - I mean seconds!)

Here are a few pics from our little celebration.

The glasses are the ones we got for our wedding toast.

Camden was very excited that he could have a drink, too! He said, this tastes like spicy apple juice!

Throw in some ice cream...what could be better??

Daisy & Ryan - DONE WITH STUDYING!!!
(And JUST in time!)

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