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Monday, June 2, 2008

Busy Weekend!!

First up this weekend - Soccer Tournament. The team played well up against another good team. They tied the game and went into Penalty Kicks to determine the winner. After quite a few PK's, the other team came out ahead. Here are some of the kids at Coach Scott's house for a cookout Saturday night.
Since we had a little time free up in the afternoon after the loss, we decided to go see the new Narnia movie - Prince Caspian. Great movie!! Afterwards, Camden and I were discussing the Christian symbolism in the movie, like we did with the first movie (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe). At first, Camden said he hadn't thought about the connections, but after I mentioned a couple things, he was on a roll. He even brought up something I hadn't thought of - the character Peter. He said, he's like Peter in the Bible. Peter in the Bible wanted proof before believing who Jesus was, just like Peter in the movie wanted proof that Aslan was still around to help. In the movie, Peter said he wanted proof of Aslan, and Lucy said, maybe it's us who needs to prove ourselves instead of the other way around. Sometimes we all need to be reminded of this when it comes to our belief and trust in God. I was so impressed with Camden's connection! The boy really does love reading his Bible, and I'm so glad to see that he is really taking it in and learning so much!

After the movie, we were off to the Star's team cookout at the coach's house. We had lots of fun eating way too much food, hanging out with the other families, and getting trophies. Can't wait for the next season in the fall! :)

So then Sunday was another busy day! First church, then some fishing at Bond Park. I got some great shots of the guys there.

Camden looking up at Ryan trying to fix his rod. This was the first time using it, and halfway through the fishing, something broke on it. Camden was patient about it but disappointed. Good thing we had an extra!

I know he's disappointed here. I can't help but love the face, though. I could stare at his precious face all day long!!!

Then our church had Kidspace, an awesome fun-filled event for the kids. Camden brought one of his best friends, Hannah, and she thought it was great, too. They do this twice a year, and Camden always gets really excited about it! Here are some pics of the outdoor activities the kids enjoyed.

Camden took on the rock-climbing wall and made it to the top - making it look soooo easy, even barefoot!

We have more pics here:

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