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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!

Since we were traveling over Father's Day, we decided to celebrate it a little late. Ryan didn't know what we had planned, if anything. But we surprised him tonight when he got home from work. We had already packed a picnic dinner and put it in the car trunk moments before he pulled up, so he didn't have a clue. We instructed him to put on some outdoor clothes (couldn't have him going outside in his long pants and shirt from work - that would just be mean!) and told him nothing else.

We drove to a park nearby, where we ate dinner and then opened gifts. We don't go all out for gifts, but Camden and I happened to find a few "daddy" books, which many of you probably know are very, very difficult to find! I found a board book that he can read to Aiden, and Camden found two others that he liked. One was special b/c he has a book by the same author and illustrator that is written about the child and mom - this one is about the child and dad! He was really excited about that. They're young for his age, but great books for bedtime or just taking a few minutes to cuddle up together - exactly what we were looking for anyway.

After all that, we went to an open field and played frisbee for a while, then it was home to some yummy rootbeer floats. All in all, it was a nice, relaxing family time together. Except of course for the time Camden thought it was funny watching me trying to get the frisbee when it went over my head. I couldn't run, of course, and he said I looked "jiggly" and then proceeded to act like me trying to bend down to get the frisbee from the ground (which of course probably does look rather humorous at this point...). Yep, the kid loves me! ;)

Happy Father's Day, Ryan!!!

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