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Thursday, June 5, 2008

NON-Stress Test My *PBTH* and Dr Office Nightmares...

Ok - so here goes my venting about the last two days, where I spent the majority of the time in FOUR doctors offices. Two visits were routine - One was visiting with Aiden's future dr to ask questions (went really well!) and the other was a dentist appt. The other two visits were a little more dramatic...

On Tuesday, right after the appt with the family dr, we mentioned to my OB office that the baby wasn't moving as much suddenly. He normally is very, very active, then Monday I noticed he wasn't. He hardly moved at all. I know this can happen, but when it was the same story on Tuesday, I thought we would call the OB to see what they said. They wanted me to rush in to be monitored to check it out (the office is 45 minutes away). I thought - I'm glad they take this so seriously, though it did worry me a little more because of that. When I arrived, they put me on the monitor for a non-stress test, and the nurse said the dr would be in w/in 20 minutes. I proceeded to watch the screen - seeing the heartbeat (which is normally checked to be around 145 bpm) range from below 100 up to the 130's, but not going above that much. Then it would just disappear for a while sometimes. So I'm getting a bit anxious. Then what happens - nothing. I was left on that monitor for an hour with no way of getting up to get anyone and no reassurance from the dr! A nurse finally comes by to see if I'm ok - I explain I have been there for an hour, and she goes to get the dr. I hear them talking outside the door - the dr was never told I was even there, and she "hasn't even had lunch yet" (um...neither have I!).

The dr finally made it in and said everything was just fine. But I was not happy that with something they told me to rush in for - they just simply "forgot" about once I was there. It's one thing if that was a routine non-stress test (which they still shouldn't forget about me even then), but for something where there is concern.... no.

And then yesterday while I'm at the dentist in Raleigh, Camden falls off the slide at school - from the very top. (I later ask him why does he always get hurt when I'm in Raleigh - this seems to be the case...) I get a call with the message that his neck was really sore (he didn't land on his neck, thank goodness!). While I'm calling his teacher on the way back to get him, Ryan tries to call the dr to get us in...and they JUST closed for lunch - for an hour and a half!! (What dr office closes for lunch for that long??) So I call the answering service b/c they're not telling Ryan anything - my mama bear instinct is kicking in at this point, and SOMEBODY is going to see my child! (He was trying to "make an appt" which the answering service doesn't do - I tell them I NEED someone to see my child and tell them what happened - our minds work a little differently, don't they - moms and dads do, I mean. He did nothing wrong, but I wasn't about to let these people tell me to call back in an hour and a half!) So they say they will have the on-call dr call me to see what I need to do or if I need to go to the ER.

After I get Camden (it's been 30 minutes by now) - I call back b/c the on-call dr never called. They page again. Nothing. So I just take him to the dr office - they're about to open by now anyway. They did get him in, but I was really angry about how their lunch break time is handled.This is just a peds office, and I was surprised they took such a long lunch break with no way of getting help if it's really needed. Then we were there for a few hours - getting x-rays, etc. Nothing broken, which I could tell, but I was glad they checked. He strained his neck muscle really badly and it really hurts him a lot. Right now, I'm just thankful b/c a fall like that could have been much worse!

Other good news - as I said, the visit with the new dr went really well. We even presented her with an alternate immunization schedule (we're not opposed to them really but want a different schedule after doing our research), and she was fine with it - whatever we wanted, she said. That's not what a lot of people hear, so we were very pleased. I figured it would go well, though. She is my dr (well, technically, she's a RN, but she is great!) AND she just had a baby in the fall, so I know she's aware of a lot of the same issues we are worried about. So that went GREAT. We'll be switching Camden over to start seeing her after Aiden is born, too, b/c we'll be putting him on that insurance then. I don't even think this office closes for lunch..... Haha.

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