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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Another Busy Weekend - Best Friends, Birthday Bashes, and Babies!!

This weekend has been another whirlwind! On Friday, I picked up one of my best friends and her two kids from the airport. I've definitely missed her and was thrilled to see her, but it was also exciting because it was the first time I have met her little baby, Christian, who is now 8 months! What a cutie! I am loving having them around and having a baby in the house. It's a great preview of what is to come soon - and a reminder of what we need to keep in mind when preparing! (For example, our place is not totally baby-proofed yet!)

Saturday we had Camden's birthday party with his friends from school, soccer, and those in the neighborhood. We threw a huge pool party, complete with hot dogs, cupcakes, ice cream - the works! Since there was swimming, we asked parents to stay, too, and there were about 50-60 guests! Whoa! It was a lot of fun, though - even though it was over 100 degrees outside (no kidding at all). I stayed inside as much as possible, or in the shade, but the pool felt great! (And we started the party early in the morning so we would hopefully not have to suffer too much with the heat! Camden still managed to come home a little red, which he's not used to b/c we just don't burn easily. I think next time I remind him to reapply sunscreen, maybe he'll do it...)

Here are some pics from the weekend, so far...

Breaking from the pool to eat.

Blowing out the candles!

Christian laughing at the pool

Ryan getting some practice in! ;)

More pictures of our fun-filled week to come soon...

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