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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Murray-Cowan Visit and Spence-Berry Wedding

Well, the week with Sonia and family went by waaaaayyyy too quickly! A week sounded like a long time at first, but then I felt like we needed more time before they headed home! It was a lot of fun - having a baby in the house, getting some girl time with one of my closest friends, having the whole family around. Everything was great. Sonia and I even got to go out one night just us. We did a tiny bit of shopping, then sat for some ice cream and talked for about 4 hours - no kidding! I've really missed being able to do things like that! Here are a few more pictures from the visit...

We spent one afternoon at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences

We can't seem to ever get out of the museum without taking pictures in the "tree" and with the T-Rex head!

Here Christian was enjoying having mommy's sunglasses...and then she took them away

I have a ton more pictures of this cutie (and some more pics of the others, as well) on our picasa albums - link is over on the right side of the blog. This baby is just the most adorable little guy ever! And such a happy kid, too!

And here are the ladies, ready for a girls night out - no guys or kids :)

(and a picture of me and Ryan since we get so few!)


Then after they left, it was a road trip to WV for us to go to Steve and Amanda's wedding. Our 6-hour trip there ended up taking much, much longer (over four hours longer...). First, Ryan slept in an hour later than he had planned (and for those of you that know Ryan, this isn't common, and he doesn't get happy about it when it does happen). Then, after being on the road for an hour, I realize I forgot my dress. I had it hanging up and reminded myself oodles (and I mean oodles!) of times don't forget the dress! don't forget the dress! So, of course I forgot it. As soon as I realized it, I said it out loud and then started bawling! (Remember, those pregnancy hormones are in high gear by now!!) Ryan (who HATES to be late for things) was awesome and so gentle about it all. So, I turn the car around, and we drive another hour back to get the dress... Then we run into a terrible, terrible hail storm that slowed us down b/c we couldn't see hardly ten feet in front of us. Then two traffic jams for construction. So, we left an hour late and then were on the road for an EXTRA four hours.... But we made it!

Camden told me when putting this on - and no pictures, mom! So, of course I took a picture... He doesn't realize it yet.

The wedding was the next day, and it was great. Perfect weather for an outdoor wedding. True, it was sunny and warm, but there was no rain, which is what you really want (no rain, I mean)! :) The bride was gorgeous! And Steve looked so happy throughout the entire night. Here are a few pics of us and some of the newlyweds, too.

All dressed up!

Amanda and Steve Berry's first dance together as husband and wife :)

The couple and some of the guys (We got one with the significant others added in, but I was in that picture so I couldn't take a shot of it...)

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