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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer Beach Vacation

This month is whizzing on by! We have so much going on and are having a lot of fun with all of our traveling. It is a bit exhausting and leaves little time for relaxing when we're home, but still lots of fun. Our last trip was to Myrtle Beach for a long weekend at the beach. It ended up raining a little bit every day, but we still managed to get to the beach every day, as well. And we did a lot of other fun stuff and had a great time! Click on the album to view some highlights of the trip. :)

While we were at the beach, we did plenty of non-beach things. We went to the IMAX theater one day while it was raining. We went to the Aquarium, which was a lot of fun. Camden especially loved the ray tank and the horseshoe crabs - because he could touch the rays and even pick up the horseshoe crabs. We also got to see divers in a couple different tanks for feeding time. We played putt-putt - Camden and I not taking it all that seriously, while Ryan would line up his ball and even take a couple practice swings before he went. Camden kept calling him "Mr. Perfect." ;) Camden, however, would take sometimes six swings to get the ball in, and he didn't mind one bit. I was pleased with how happy he was just to play, not caring how long it took to get the ball in the hole. :)

We went out to eat at a few good and a few not-so-good places. The ones worth visiting another time were The Melting Pot (of course!) and Planet Hollywood (lots of yummy things there, great servings, and not overpriced).

Putt-putt and dinner at the Melting Pot

Some places we plan to NEVER eat at again - Senor Frogs and Calabash Seafood (their seafood buffet was over $25 per person and did not look worth it in the least! Ryan and I shared a meal from the menu, which was still way overpriced and not that good...).

Camden up bright and early, ready to head out to the beach!

The boys playing in the water

One funny thing I found out about Camden... He (like me) is picky about how the toothpaste is squeezed. You know how this is one of the prime examples of husband/wife differences that come to surface after marriage - this really is one for me and Ryan. I like to go from the bottom up, he just squeezes. I tease him about it and just continue to do it how I like. We don't actually argue over it. But Camden comes out of the bathroom one morning, saying "MOM! Who squeezed the toothpaste like this?!" He likes it like I do. Random but something I wanted to mention because I thought it was pretty funny.

Me and my hubby

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