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Sunday, May 4, 2008

And the winner is.............

Surprise! It's "G" - None of the Above.

Hmmmmmm... Why? Well, the winner based on votes was Baby Boy Blue. And that was the one we WOULD HAVE gone with. The problem? Ok, so when I make decisions on things like this that we are going to purchase, things that need to be good quality to last and things we must like because they'll be around for a while, etc, etc - I do my research. Research on crib bedding, you ask? Yes, even that. I want to see what others have to say about it. It was hard to find reviews on this set b/c it's new at Babies R Us, but I did find some. Some were negative and exactly what we were worried about - poor quality. This set has the most items out of any of the rest and costs (by far) the least. So we were worried about quality from the beginning. The other set we liked (Spelling Bee) had no reviews anywhere. AND both sets are ONLY available online, so we can't see or touch them to know more for ourselves (before buying and paying for shipping...)

So, we found some accessories we liked with the Baby Boy Blue - if we got that. And we went to BRU to look at them. There we got to see THAT set. Not what I would pick from online maybe - but in person.... The biggest factor - I couldn't keep my hands off of it. The bumper, blanket, and some accessories are INCREDIBLY soft! And the blanket that comes with the set is one you'll actually USE - not one of those comforters that is really only good for hanging on the wall. Ryan liked the set. Camden liked it. It wasn't expensive, has great reviews, even the guy working recommended it (and there were many more pricey ones he could have tried to recommend but didn't). We went home planning on changing our theme to this one. Ryan was pretty happy as HIS goal was to go home with our minds made, and I suppose he got that. (And hopefully I can stick to this decision and simply not look at any others or start to second guess!!!)

Here it is... Pop Star
It's actually a little darker in person than this - a great light blue (one could even call it UNC blue...) and chocolate brown. And many other pieces from other sets will match wonderfully, too!

So - whaddya think? Now that you've voted for A,B,C,D,E, and F - and we chose G.... ;)

After realizing how soft this set was and how I just couldn't keep my hands off it, I joked to Ryan - I wonder which I'll touch more, the baby or the bedding??? Haha! (It really is that soft! But I'm sure the baby will get more attention.)

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Meggan said...

I LOVE it! Definitely the best one - great choice! :)