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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Indecisive - Wanna Offer Your Opinion to Help Out?

Ok, so we can be pretty indecisive.....well I can be pretty indecisive. We have a dilemma. Which crib bedding set to buy??? There are so many. And I definitely know what I DON'T want. But what I DO want - that's another story. So....below are our options at this point (see end of blog). And one other piece of important information - we need it to match the wall hanging that we already have (and absolutely love!).

I saw this wall hanging at the venue that my MIL (mother-in-law) had our wedding shower. Fell in love with it, and she (being wonderful and thoughtful) bought it for us and stored it until we moved into our larger apt and had room for it. It is 47 inches long and 10 inches tall and dark, dark chocolate color with brown/copperish lettering and a deep golden moon. We plan on hanging it OVER the crib - thus the need for the bedding to match somewhat with it. Here is a pic of the hanging and our bedding choices (at this point). Please let us know what you think! :)
And here are the contestants for the crib bedding:

Baby Boy Blue

Spelling Bee
Forever Friends
Jungle Babies

Remember - we need this to go well with the wall hanging! That's the important detail here. :)

Please leave your comments on what you think. I'll also put a poll to the side of the blog where you can vote. :) Thanks so much!!!

I think we have mostly narrowed it down between Baby Boy Blue and Spelling Bee - we keep coming back to those two. (Camden likes Spelling Bee b/c he thinks it's good that the baby can learn with it, too) ;)
And here's another possibility.....


Meggan Trevey said...

Hey Daisy! You've given me something to do at work! :) I say the Baby Boy Blue one because the colors are really pretty and they say babies have the best cognitive development with bold, defined shapes rather than squiggly lines... Just a thought. :)


Life Scraps and Patches said...

That banner is way cool. I like Baby Boy Blue too, thanks for letting us vote. Connie