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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Aiden's Furniture has ARRIVED!

We picked up Aiden's nursery furniture today - with the help of our good friend, Fredrik (and his little boy Gunnar)! Here are some pics from the day...

The furniture is in there! And on its way HOME! Yay!!!

Gunnar ready to help out! :)
He is just too adorable!!!

The guys hard at work! This was HEAVY stuff!

Everything is out of the boxes, except for the crib. The other pieces were already assembled, and there is absolutely no room for the crib just yet. Even the combo unit (chest of drawers/changing table) is stuck sitting in the living room for now...

The combo unit is MUCH bigger than it looks here! And the armoire is gorgeous! So glad we got the set we really wanted!

Yes, we already have some baby clothes (of various sizes) to put in the armoire! We just love Baby Gap clearance and the Carter's outlet in Morrisville (and its sales!).

Whew...what a day! We really appreciated Fredrik's help! (And the use of his trailer, too!!)

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