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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pregnancy - and all the "JOYS" that come with it...

So I thought I would show a few nice, cute preggo pics. And then I would complain and tell about about the "other" stuff that comes with pregnancy, esp during the last trimester (and I still have a ways to go.....so it can get worse! Augh!) I really love being pregnant. I do. As much of the "other stuff" I have to deal with, I still love it! Love the feeling, love the belly, love the movements from the baby - everything.

Now, if you ask me how I am feeling, I will smile and say very convincingly, "I'm fine" or "I'm great!" even. But that's because I don't like to complain a lot. I especially don't like being one of those people that are always complaining. No fun, right? Right.

But...here goes my list of other stuff that I am really, really not enjoying right now. First of all, with Camden I got lots (I mean lots!) of charlie horses - in the middle of the night, always. Hate those cramps. I haven't experienced any yet, but I got my first really bad foot cramp out of the blue the other day. So I am expecting more to come...
  • I get short of breath soooooo easily! It's not too noticeable until I start reading out loud, but then it gets tough. And Ryan and I read a book together each night, usually taking turns reading. So, that's a pain I try to suffer through. I read slowly and have to take those long pauses to breath a little extra every now and then.
  • Giving myself a pedicure is very tricky these days. I can manage, but it's not so fun - but maybe kind of funny to watch...
  • Tying my tennis shoes... Ha! That's even harder.
  • Picking up anything from the floor - or (the worst) sitting on the floor and then getting up... That's a double Ha!
  • Nosebleeds... They do warn you about this one, and they are very right (whoever they are). Just about anytime I blow my nose - there it goes. Not a lot of fun. And I never get nosebleeds. But I have had quite a few in the last couple months.
  • Braxton Hicks contractions. Well, I've actually been getting these since week 13/14. Never ever felt them with Camden until I was in the hospital. But these - definitely feel. The past week or two, they've been more noticeable. I expect that trend to continue. They aren't bad, but can be pretty annoying and not always feel that great.
  • Trouble sleeping. OK - so add in my issue with chronic insomnia (and the fact that I am not taking my sleeping pills b/c I am pregnant) with the fact that sleeping while pregnant becomes near impossible for most women (even without insomnia)... Yeah, that combination is not a lot of fun. So basically, I get very little sleep. Ryan thinks - but you sleep until 9am every chance you get!!! Well, that's b/c I am up all stinking night! So, regardless of how late I seem to sleep in...not getting enough. At all.
  • Morning sickness. So, I did manage to go off some of the anti-nausea pills. I even went a week with none! But that week only lasted - well, a week. I had to add in the morning dose. Ryan told me (after day 1 or 2) to go back on it, but I wanted to see if I could do it. Sure, I could, but it really wasn't worth it. And out of those 7 days, I threw up many more than not. But - one pill is better than 4 or more. :) So, I'm happy about that. Still get sick occassionally, but that's better than every day, right? ;)
  • Peeing. I don't actually pee more than normal. I always have to go all the time! That's just me. But now - it's just harder to get it all out! (Too much info? Sorry. I am leaving some things out of this post.) So that's annoying. I feel like I really have to go, and then all I get is a trickle. Hmph. Not very satisfying.
  • And the worst - the BACK PAIN!!! I have been trying and trying not to complain. Why? Because I still have three months to go. I know that this one will just get worse! First it was the lower back (really lower). I think it's more of a joint issue there. That's been consistently getting worse since the first or second month of pregnancy, but it's to the point where I can't move without a surge of intense pain. So if I'm around you and move and you hear me draw in a quick breath but not say anything - that's what it is. I just try not to complain - except a little to Ryan. Even he didn't know how bad it was until recently. Then over the last few weeks - the middle back pain began. Just when I'm sitting. But it is constant once I sit. A short car ride has me in tears almost. Luckily I just have one more paper for school to write, but I still have to sit down to type it. (Just like I'm sitting down now - and yes, my back is in pain right now. You should see how I try to move around while typing to relieve some of it. Doesn't work, though.)

So I mention all of this back pain to the dr. I really expected her to laugh and say - welcome to the last trimester! But she didn't. :) I ask if a chiropractor would help with the lower back pain, b/c it's not the muscle - it's the joints. And then mention the middle back. She says - we're sending you to PT. So, looks like I get to work to make it better. Haha! That's fine. Hope it works! And I have to wait TWO WEEKS to get in. Not thrilled about that, but oh well. Hopefully this will get me in better shape for the recovery, though. ;)

OK - I've griped now. And that's about all you'll hear from me about this. Most likely. If you're one of the lucky ones, I'll actually let you know my back hurts, but that's probably all I'll say. Otherwise, you'll probably get the "Oh, I'm fine! And you?" response. :) I mean, who really wants to hear about this over and over? So, I've gotten it out now, and hopefully things just won't continue to get worse. I still know I could experience more swelling, fatigue, pain, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on, right? ;) And we'll end with a few more cute pics to brighten up the post a bit, shall we?

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Life Scraps and Patches said...


Love the pictures. And congrats on finishing grad school, quite an accomplishment although I had no doubts that you'd do it.

When I was pregnant, back in the day, I wore a maternity girdle that was indispensible in solving the back pain dilema. They probably don't even make them any more.

Camden is looking so grown up these days.