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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hyperemesis Gravidarum, Trying to GO OFF MEDS!, and Where is the weight??

Last week we went in for another OB appt. Yes, Ryan goes to all of them. He is wonderful! (He missed one, but I was going b/c I was sick, and mom was in town and came along, so that doesn't really count.) He's been such an active part of this pregnancy and I know he's going to be an even better father for it. :) Have I mentioned how wonderful he is??

So, at this appt, the dr finally officially diagnosed me as having Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which (believe me!) is more than just morning sickness. They told us before that they usually wait until around week 20 before diagnosing. Well, here I was at week 20, ready for an answer. I'm relieved to finally be diagnosed. Why? Well, this way I can get the meds before it kicks in the next time I'm pregnant. That might help a bit. And it's also just validating. I knew all along this is what I had, and it's validating to have the dr agree.

On that note, we are hoping to decrease meds now. I had the nausea with my pregnancy with Camden until around the 20th week. I typically take a dose of Zofran (the highest dose I can take, too) twice a day and then a small dose of Phenergan before bed. So, I took out the second dose of Zofran about two weeks ago. I was able to manage, though I did feel like I was going to throw up immediately after eating dinner for at least a week. Not fun, but I was able to tolerate it. I have for two days now been able to go without the morning dose, as well. Of course, this morning I got sick - very much so. Luckily, it was before I had eaten. But - throwing up really is never fun, whether you have an empty stomach or a full one. But at least with an empty one, I'm not suddenly averse to a food that I just ate and threw up. (I try to see the bright side.) Please keep me in your prayers that I can be medicine free before long. I would love to stop taking medicine for this. I can't stand the thought of taking all these pills while pregnant. And some of them have some not so fun side effects.....

Something else we discovered at our visit... While I have grown a lot over the last month, I didn't gain one ounce! As a matter of fact, I weighed in at two ounces less than last month's visit. That's just crazy to me. Here are some pics to show how much I grew (without the weight - go figure!)...

These are taken at week 16 and then week 20.

Can you believe that???

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