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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Daisy is...

  • excited about getting the nursery furniture today! Yay!
  • very thankful for friends that help out and offer to do things for you. Thank you guys so much!!!
  • a little on edge and emotional today. It's very frustrating when someone else tries to use your child as a way to win over some ridiculous power struggle. Who are you really hurting here? Come on. (OK, so it does really hurt me, but it will hurt that kid, too, once he realizes what is really going on. And one day he will. I don't need to point it out. But you also don't need to mess with my kid.)
  • ready for her baby Camden to come HOME tomorrow. Boy, I have missed that kid!
  • thinking she might just not be ready to go off her anti-nausea meds...after some of the throwing up that has occurred since stopping the morning dose...maybe not quite yet? We'll try a couple more days and see.
  • not much of an observer, even when she should be! Totally shouldn't have helped as much as I did with moving some of the furniture and ripping apart those boxes, but I have such a hard time standing back and watching instead of being a part of the action! I'm a doer, not an observer.
  • thinking she really does need to see a chiropractor for this problem she's having with her lower back. Pretty much any kind of movement is rather painful - and I have a high tolerance for this kind of pain. I mean, this has been bothering me for a couple months now; it's just to the point where I can't ignore there is a real problem anymore - and where I can't move without hurting.
  • not too impressed with the Heels so far tonight... they are not bringing their A-game.
  • hoping they will bring it in the second half!
  • really getting frustrated with blogger's issues with uploading pics lately! It's either the site or something wrong with the computer (though everything else works just fine...). Anyone else with this problem? Or with a solution?
  • loving how much this little guy in her tummy is moving lately. I felt him at both sides of my belly the other morning - twice. Meaning, he kicked on one side, and I felt him kick there and hit on the other side, at the same time - he was really stretched out!
  • ready for Camden to come home tomorrow!!! Did I already say that? ;)
  • not getting enough school work done today. Life keeps getting in the way.
  • realizing she needs to start focusing on these final papers that will be due in a couple weeks instead of worrying about the little quizzes that are this and next week. Priorities. Seriously. Which are worth more?? Yeah....
  • totally in love with It's a Grind's steamed caramel apple cider. Oh Yum! It's even better than their coffee! (And that's saying something.) I cannot get enough!
  • aware that we need all this rain but ready for a little sunshine. I'm ready for tank-top and flip-flop season already!
  • hoping we stop by Steak & Shake on the way home tomorrow. There isn't one around here (which is fine b/c we don't need to go there often!), but I just love their burgers, fries, and shakes! Mmmmmm....
  • once again - sooooooo ready for her baby to come home tomorrow!!!

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