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Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Little Cuddler

Lately Aiden's been doing this new thing when he wants to go to sleep. If I'm holding him up with his head on my shoulder or chest (usually after he's eaten, has fallen asleep, and is being burped - b/c he doesn't normally fall asleep in this position) he nuzzles around until his face is up against my throat under my chin, so it's kind of hidden. It takes him a while to get it exactly where he wants it, so he's just wiggling his head all around for a while, rubbing his face against me. Kind of funny, and sometimes I can't help but thinking kid, what are you doing?

When he's nursing and falling asleep, he'll try to turn his head so that his face is in the crook of my arm, against my elbow - in that little space so that his face is pretty much hidden. Sometimes he tries to take a part of me along with him since he's still eating, and I explain to him that it doesn't go with him.... But he doesn't always get the message. When he's done, he'll just bend back, nuzzle around until he's just right and fall asleep.

It's really quite cute, especially to have him nuzzling up against me so much, finding a place on my body that suits him just right and makes him so comfortable.

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